Check with this test if you are a person who knows how to listen

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Check with this test if you are a person who

One of the most important social skills is, without a doubt, knowing how to listen. In any conversation and social interaction, having an active listening will mean that you can earn the trust and respect of the other person.

When we talk about active listening, we mean listening at all levels, both through oral and verbal language. Pay attention to your interlocutor with all your sensesoffering you a communication space where you can express what you need without feeling judged.

Let’s not confuse hearing with listening. Many times we think we know how to listenand the reality is that while the other person is speaking, we are already thinking about what we are going to say or even about other issues.

The active listening It goes much further, also facilitating effective communication. In the following test you will be able to check if you really have this ability.

Do you know how to listen? Take this test and find out

  1. When someone tells me about an experience that has been important to them, I try to put myself in their place and understand their situation. v–f
  2. When a person close to me tells me something unpleasant that has happened to them, I listen carefully and tell them that I am sorry. v–f
  3. You consider that empathy is necessary when listening to another person. v–f
  4. When someone talks to me, I usually look at their face and express gestures that indicate that I am following them in their conversation. v–f
  5. I let the person who is telling me about their experience speak, even though I have had a similar experience. v–f
  6. I am often interested in what people who are important to me say. v–f
  7. The people around me like to tell me about their experiences and experiences. v–f
  8. I try to understand the person who is telling me something important before I judge them. v–f
  9. I like to listen to other people’s experiences and learn from them. v–f
  10. When I talk to another person, most of the time the conversation flows and I understand their point of view. v–f

Test results:

Score one point for each true answer. If your score has been 5 points or moreCongratulations! You are a person who undoubtedly knows how to listen.

Those who know you know that they can talk with you, and tell you what they need. You attend both to the words and to the deep content of them, and you become aware of non-verbal language. This social skill will help you a lot to maintain satisfactory personal relationships.

If your score has been less than 5This is a key point to work on. Don’t worry, you can exercise this skill, you just have to pay more attention to the people you talk to, trying to do more to let them express themselves, and put all your senses in that direction. Understands that silences, gestures and tones are part of communication.

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557 points