Check with this test if you have a sex addiction

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Check with this test if you have a sex addiction

Like any other addiction, be addicted to sex It is a big problem for the person who suffers from it. Although you may not have noticed it yet, many people have some type of addiction and have not been able to recognize it yet.

Addictions are much more frequent than we think, and anyone can fall prey to their tyranny. The person addicted to sex needs to compulsively satisfy their desireswithout even thinking about the consequences, or delving into the pleasure that it may bring.

You may like sex, it’s completely normal, but do we know when our taste for sex stops being normal? This is a sometimes very fine line that anyone can cross.

We encourage you through this test to see if you know how to control your most instinctive sexual impulses, or if they control you. We remind you that you must answer with total sincerity.

sex addiction test

  1. When I feel like having sex, it has to be at that precise moment. I can’t wait any longer. T–F
  2. Quite often I use pornographic material to satisfy my sexual desires. T–F
  3. I even masturbate several times a day every day. T–F
  4. I often have sex with prostitutes. T–F
  5. I usually resort to sex to relieve my discomfort, even more than looking for pleasure. T–F
  6. I tend to like unconventional sexual practices (exhibitionism, voyeurism, sadomasochism, etc.). T–F
  7. I usually have sporadic sexual relations with unknown people. T–F
  8. My partner considers that the frequency of sexual relations that I need to be well is excessive. T–F
  9. I find it very difficult to control my sexual urges. T–F
  10. On more than one occasion my need to have sex has been a problem for me. T–F

Test result:

Add one point for each answer you marked as true. If your score has been 5 points or more, you may have a sex addiction. Your need and your impulses are very strong, although you think you can control them, they continue to control you. Each time it is going to be a more serious problem in your life, so you should go to a specialized psychologist or sexologist as soon as possible. Take back control of your life.

If your score is less than 5 points, you still have nothing to worry about, although sex is important to you, you are able to control yourself and leave it in the background. You practice sex to experience pleasure, you enjoy it and it is satisfying. Stay alert so you don’t lose control.

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541 points