Check with this test if you really know how to enjoy life

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Check with this test if you really know how to

There are those who, through their attitude, manage to see all the good things that life offers them, and those who do not realize all the good things they have. Learning to enjoy life is an art, so you need to know if you are really taking advantage of everything that is within your reach.

Many people are determined to see the bad things that happen to them, and always expect the worst in any situation, they also distrust the good things that happen to them. How do you face life? Depending on your attitude and the vision you have, you may be enjoying it more or less.

Do you know how to enjoy life? Check it out with this quiz

We encourage you not to get too bitter, since it is up to you to take advantage of the good times. It is unquestionable that you will go through many difficult and difficult situations, however, that will never be an excuse to stop enjoying everything that surrounds you. Do you know how to really enjoy the good things in life? Find out through this simple test.

  1. When things go well, I feel happy and try to take advantage of it. v–f
  2. I enjoy my vacations without thinking that they will soon be over. v–f
  3. When a person I like is interested in me, I do my best to get closer to her. v–f
  4. Very rarely do negative things cross my mind. v–f
  5. I feel lucky for the life I live. v–f
  6. When things are going well for me, I try to enjoy them without thinking that at any moment they are going to get worse. v–f
  7. In general, people think that I am quite optimistic and cheerful. v–f
  8. I enjoy the weekends without thinking too much about what awaits me on Monday. v–f
  9. I am very grateful and happy if someone gives me an expensive and valuable gift. v–f
  10. When a moment is going to come that makes me very excited, I take the opportunity to enjoy it even while waiting. v–f
  11. I usually like to laugh and communicate with others. v–f
  12. I want to live new experiences, even if I have previously had bad experiences in this regard. v–f


Score one point for each true answer. If you have 6 or more points, Congratulations! You are a person who really knows how to take advantage of and enjoy life. You understand that life is to be enjoyed and that is why you have an attitude that favors this. You don’t get bitter or let bad experiences control your thoughts and decisions.

If you have less than 6 points, you are not taking enough advantage of what life is offering you. You need to change your focus of attention, and learn to capture all the good that happens around you. Your attitude determines the situations you experience, that’s why it’s worth opening your mind and daring to see all the good things you have, and what you’re going to find.

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550 points