Choppy Bob haircut short hair trend for this 2023

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Choppy Bob haircut short hair trend for this 2023

Short hair seems to be the trending haircut for women this winter and it will continue in 2023. From Zendaya and Selena, all of them recently swapped out their trademark long locks for a bob cut. This haircut is on-trend, seen on celebrities with various hair textures, and it also flatters many skin tones.

It is an especially good cut for women over 40 because it can even take years off your mind and is the famous “Chopped Bob”. What is different about this new trend in haircuts? Keep reading to find out and define if that cut is for you or not. We assure you that you will like it.

Haircut “Choppy Bob”

The bob haircut needs no introduction, and neither does its edgier cousin, the choppy bob or Chopped Bob. This cut has been around long enough that a variety of different styles (i.e. blunt bob, asymmetrical bob, long bob, and more) have become popular trends.

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The main attraction of choppy bob cut or choppy bob, is obviously the choppy one. It enhances texture, and a textured cut is the easiest way to add dimension to your hairstyles for a shorter length.

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Celebrities have sported this cut for decades. Gwyneth Paltrow and Keira Knightley are just two of the many celebrities who have embraced the choppy bob hairstyle.

Gwyneth Paltrow Chopped Cut Long Bob
Gwyneth paltrow cut long bob cut

Gwyneth’s version is a bit longer and wavier, while Keira’s is more structured and full of volume.

Keira Knightley Haircut
Keira Knightley Chopped Bob Hairstyle

Both styles offer a sophisticated yet fashion-forward look that can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion. Similar to the asymmetric cut, a choppy bob cut, flatters women over 50.

woman in profile choppy bob haircut

The length is perfect because anything past your clavicle can drag your features down. Fringe drapes or layers allow you to reshape your face. Gives the illusion that your features are taller and narrower than they are.

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This length also allows for a lot of movement and balance, along with some broken layers at the top. You certainly shouldn’t have too blunt bottom, it’s always better to be softer around the face.

Choppy bob flatters women 50 and over

A shorter version of the classic bob haircut with face-framing layers is a flattering style for women over 50. The shorter length helps create a soft, wispy look that can take years off and add volume at the same time.

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Framing layers soften the harsh lines and angles of the face while adding texture and movement that help slim wider facial features.

This style of short choppy hair It provides a polished, overall look that is timeless and easy to maintain, making it an ideal choice for women over 50 who are looking for a modern yet classic cut.

The choppy bobs They are also great for hiding thinning hair because the layers create a lot of volume and texture.

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This style will help soften mature facial features and accentuate cheekbones with movement. By keeping just enough length in the front, this style also helps to frame the face shape, creating a soft, modern look that’s age-appropriate and on-trend for 2023.

lowlights choppy bob haircut

To finish off this timeless look, adding some subtle highlights or lowlights can add depth and dimension for an even more polished result. So there you have it, this stylish haircut. “choppy bob” is a timeless look, flattering and versatile. You are going to see this haircut everywhere in 2023!

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