Clean the faucets and leave them like new with this trick

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Clean the faucets and leave them like new with this

To clean the faucet at home, without using strong chemicals, you can choose the following, from vinegar to coke.

With the constant contact of the surfaces with liquids, a calcareous water stone forms on the taps, which gives them a whitish and stained appearance, which takes away all the shine.

This is the name of the specific contamination that occurs on any coating, however, on faucets, the probability of this is much higher, since the plumbing fixture is in operation on a daily basis.

How to remove plaque from faucets

Plaque occurs due to the composition of the liquid. An excess of calcium and magnesium salts affects the formation of contaminants to a greater extent. The presence of iron causes the enamel to turn yellow.

Folk methods for removing limescale

If the plaque has recently formed and its layer is relatively thin, it can be treated with improvised means. To clean the faucet at home, without using harsh chemicals, you can choose the following:

1. Vinegar

It is used as an aqueous solution (1:1 ratio). The agent is applied with a spray or with a sponge, left for 30-60 minutes (depending on the degree of contamination). Later, surfaces can be rubbed with a sponge and washed with water.

Vinegar compresses are also popular

They are used on surfaces with old plate or in areas of difficult access. To do this, evenly moisten the cloth with a hot vinegar solution and wrap it tightly around the faucet.

The compress is kept for about an hour and washed off with water. As a general rule, vinegar fumes corrode limescale so well that additional surface friction is not required. But if after the first treatment traces of plaque remain, the procedure can be repeated.

2. Baking soda

Baking soda is applied with a soft brush (you can take an old toothbrush) and rubbed on the surface of faucets and other fixtures in the bathroom or kitchen. For added convenience, baking soda can be mixed with water until smooth and applied with a sponge. After careful treatment with a sponge, the taps are rinsed with water.

3. Table salt

You can also quickly clean the faucet with table salt. Gives shine to the coating and dissolves plaque and soap stains well. The salt is dissolved in water until it becomes soft, poured on a napkin or sponge and applied to the contaminated areas. After 10-20 minutes, the surface is cleaned and washed with water.

4. Shaving foam

Men’s cosmetics are also useful at home. Shaving foam is sold in dispenser packs, which is very convenient. Squeeze out a strip of foam about 5 centimeters long, and with a sponge or microfiber cloth, or simply clean the faucet with your hands.

You can wait 30 seconds or you can rinse it immediately: the faucet shines, the water drains without leaving whitish marks.

5. Coke

This drink is saturated with orthophosphoric acid, it removes the most persistent deposits.

How to remove lime?

You can soak the shower head and treat the faucets with this compound. After a few hours you should wash it off.

Compresses with coca cola

The fabric is moistened with a drink, wrapped around the problem areas. It is left overnight if there are a lot of deposits or a couple of hours if the cleaning is regular.

Then you should clean the faucets with a toothbrush. To avoid oxidation, rinse the coke drink with water, then dry the surface.

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