Clean your windows without leaving stains with this ingredient

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Clean your windows without leaving stains with this ingredient

Cleaning our windows can be a particularly tedious and tiring procedure. In fact, there is nothing more annoying than seeing traces of products and stains appear on the windows a few seconds after cleaning them. Fortunately, there is a very useful ingredient to keep your windows sparkling: white vinegar.

In contact with dust, humidity or dirt, the glasses can quickly become dirty, making it difficult to clean them properly.

However, the solution is within reach with a product that can be found in almost every kitchen. The white vinegar. This one is very versatile it fits a lot of home uses. And for good reason, it has many useful virtues to clean your house.

What are the benefits of vinegar for our windows?

Extremely effective, this everyday ingredient replaces many industrial products with the advantage of being natural and easily available. In addition, we can use it to clean windows, thus saving time and money.

Because, in fact, vinegar has anti-limescale properties, thus removing the annoying remains that can accumulate on windows. It is also a natural disinfectant, as well as an excellent degreaser. In other words, the unbeatable ally for windows that are always clean and shiny.

How to prepare your own glass cleaner?

The procedure to follow is very simple. And you will only need vinegar and water to prepare it. Once the solution is prepared, you can store it in a bottle for multiple uses.

To do this, dilute half a glass of white vinegar (about 100 ml) in half a liter of warm water and pour this mixture into a spray bottle. You don’t have to worry about the smell, it will disappear after a few minutes, once your windows have dried.

3 ways to dry your windows without leaving stains or traces

How to clean glass and not leave stains

To dry your windows correctly, you can proceed in several ways:

Method 1: Spray the mixture directly onto the surface to be cleaned, then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Method 2: Soak the rag directly in this solution and wipe the windows to catch the dirt.

Method 3: This method is preferred by cleaning professionals. It consists of using sheets of newspaper. In fact, these have a considerable absorbent power that also makes it possible to remove residue on windows. To do this, simply crumple one up, spray it with your mixture, and then use it like a sponge.

After you have cleaned them, you can also try this trick to keep your windows clean and shiny for longer. It is about this: rub them with nylon stockings that you have previously soaked in glycerin. This technique prevents dust from settling on the windows, allowing them to stay clean for longer.

In addition, it is advisable to always equip yourself with two microfiber cloths, the first to use when cleaning and the second to dry the product.

When is the best time to clean the windows?

This question may seem trivial, but it is actually very important if you do not want to see stains appear on your windows. Therefore, the best time to clean them is when the sun does not hit them directly. Heat and lightning usually cause too fast drying which can leave these unsightly traces on your surfaces. Therefore, opt for cloudy or slightly sunny days to do this chore.

In addition, and to facilitate the maintenance of the windows, it is convenient to clean them periodically to prevent too much dirt from accumulating.

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