Common phrases a narcissist says to get you back with him

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Common phrases a narcissist says to get you back with

For him narcissist, it is much easier to get your acquaintance back than to look for a new person. Narcissists are experts in human behavior, piercing the surface and getting to the deepest weaknesses and fears of their victims. And among their manipulation tools, they have common phrases that distinguishes them and that they use to have you.

Think of them as predators. They have no boundaries and treat other people like objects instead of human beings. They will try to keep their “prey” off balance by idealizing them at times and being extremely complimentary.

They might say, “You are the best employee I have ever managed” or “No one is better or smarter than you” to get you hooked or trapped.

7 phrases that a narcissist says to make you return to his side

Before you get trapped or caught in the web of such a person once again, here are some of the most common phrases a narcissist says to get you back with him. Pay attention and take note because it can be your salvation.

“No one will love you like I do, I see something in you that no one will ever see.”

This is one seductive phrase wrapped in gaslighting. Actually, it’s also a bit of an insult. Obviously, someone else would love you as you are.

This is actually a statement of control and isolation. It’s smart because the narcissist is trying to make it seem like your love story is “so special” and they see your “special self,” and if you’ve never felt special or come from a family where you didn’t feel special, this can be very seductive.

“How could you leave me at such a difficult time, when I am depressed?”

This is the narcissist playing the victim. Narcissists are, deep down, very vulnerable and are activated when there is any threat in their environment, including abandonment. It leaves them feeling vulnerable, which makes them feel ashamed.

This statement presents them as a victim and plays on your guilt. And if you’re codependent, then you’ll probably fall back and stay to try to “do the right thing” or “fix it.”

“I’m going to therapy. I know what I did and I didn’t treat you right, I’ll be better and work on myself.”

This is one phrase that is clearly a forgery of the future. The narcissist promises a scenario in the future and you again assume that they will follow.

“I’m sorry I was afraid of commitment. You’re right, let’s move in together/get married and have a child.”

This is also pretending in the future and promising yourself something you want back (Maya Angelou often quotes a wonderful African proverb: “Be careful when a naked man offers you a shirt”).

This is not only a false future designed to make you fall back again, but it can also suck you into something harder to get out of.

“Why would you give up on us/me?”

And that’s where the paths converge again. You start to find yourself slipping back into some of those familiar feelings, second-guessing yourself and tongue-tied about how to respond. Because she has felt you alone / oy there were good times. And yes, she got sick, but maybe it wasn’t that bad.

If these tactics sound familiar to you, then you have definitely tried breaking up with a narcissist.

“I’m sorry I hurt you and I promise to make it up to you.”

This is the main trick and common phrases used globally by narcissists of all kinds. You can appear with flowers, chocolate or nice gifts so that your partner forgets all the misdeeds and creates the illusion of a better future.

“I only love you.”

They usually try to make you believe that other people are just for “fun”. The only person they really love is you. Influence and attraction are the fundamental characteristics of narcissists. There is no doubt that you are unique and special, but the narcissist does not appreciate those qualities in you.

The most important thing for them is to keep the number of their fans high. The more people love them, the better. The reality is that they are telling the same thing to others.

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