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TikTok challenges are many and most of the time quite dangerous. This time, the social media platform has helped spread another potentially dangerous idea: wearers tape their lips shut to stop mouth breathing at night. This trend has been heavily criticized by experts.

The hashtag #mouthtaping has 24 million views across the platform and shows users how to tape their lips shut at night. The reason is to promote nasal breathing during sleep.

In a video, a TikTok user claims that the so-called sleep hack helped her sleep better. Also, breathing through your nose, as opposed to your mouth, can help prevent bad breath and gum disease.

Something similar was shared in a viral video by health coach Cory Rodríguez, with more than 5 million views.

“The goal is to breathe through your nose while you sleep instead of through your mouth. By doing it every night, it has given me better oral hygiene and reduced snoring and dry mouth.”

A young woman, on the other hand, claims that closing your mouth while you sleep has many beauty benefits. “I covered my mouth every day. Getting enough sleep is really important to combat aging and look and feel your best.”he points out.

Experts warn

However, there is little scientific research on the benefits of the mouth bandage. Therefore, experts were quick to dismiss the claims made on TikTok.

The Sleep Foundation found that side effects of mouth tapes can include irritation on or around the lips. Also, it can cause sleep disturbances due to difficulty breathing through the nose.

“So far, research has shown only one benefit: reducing snoring and fatigue in people with obstructive sleep apnea.”

According to experts, people with sleep apnea, a condition that causes breathing to stop intermittently during sleep, may worsen their health problems by wearing tape over their mouths.

There is limited evidence on the benefits of bandaging the mouth. You should be very careful, and even talk to a doctor before trying this.

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