Death of Katy Perry’s eye What was the cause of this phenomenon?

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Death of Katy Perrys eye What was the cause of

Katy Perry worried her audience, as she appeared in a video of her concert with her eye closing visibly and uncontrollably.

The video, which has been making the rounds on the internet, shows Katy Perry, the famous pop singer, with her eyelid “drooping” while on stage and having to move her hand to open it.

Many people expressed concern on social media, with many also speculating about the singer’s eye and what condition could be responsible for the problem.

However, there were also those who said that Perry is doing it on purpose, which is some kind of publicity stunt, while others They speculated that it is a problem caused by the vaccine against Covid-19 (an assertion that is disproved by an extensive report by “Newsweek”, as the singer has spoken about her problem many years before the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic).

Comparisons have also been drawn to the condition of Justin Bieber, whose face has been paralyzed on one side, while some fear the singer may have suffered a stroke.

What seems to be suffering Katy Perry: the rumors soar

In a previous interview, in 2011, Katy Perry had spoken about her eye: saying it is “problematic” and that she is receiving medication, she had also written in a social media comment in 2016, parodying her condition repeatedly in the past.

Likewise, Katy Perry, when sitting in the judging panel chair on “American Idol” in 2021, told a contestant that she had a similar problem and felt insecure about it: “I have an eye problem and I used to worry about it So, my fans made a “fandom” for my eye. It is my right eye. Don’t worry about it, “celebrate it”.

One theory about Katy Perry’s condition that seems to be the most prevalent is that she suffers from amblyopia, a congenital eye condition that is also known as “lazy eye” and causes the eye to malfunction in terms of vision and movement.

Others believe that Katy Perry has blepharospasm, which is characterized by the involuntary (without volition) contraction of the muscles around the eyes. Another theory is that her false eyelashes stuck, closing the singer’s eye.

One netizen, who said she had talked to a friend who is a professional makeup artist, wrote: ‘Katie has false eyelashes. She might have something in her eye or she might be bothering him, but she can’t rub it because it will ruin her makeup.”

Look at the video:

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