Dry cleaning of the mattress and from home

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Dry cleaning of the mattress and from home

Cleaning the mattress at home entails certain difficulties. Due to its large dimensions, it cannot be placed in a household appliance and washed with detergent. As a result, there is a need for local treatment with folk remedies, depending on the nature of the contamination.

Blood, food and drink, baby urine, coffee, wine, etc. – all this spoils the aesthetic appearance of the product, leaves an unpleasant smell and causes confusion on the faces of visitors. To keep the mattress clean, it is necessary to have sufficient knowledge about the treatment thoroughly.

Tips for dry cleaning the mattress

We will review some of the best options to clean, disinfect and leave the mattress as new with a dry cleaning, and from the comfort of home.

Remove mattress stains with baking soda

Dry cleaning of the mattress and from home
Made from coconut oil, sodium bicarbonate, starch and essential oil

It is one of the most used products to dry clean the mattress, regardless of the types of mattresses you have at home. Baking soda is perfect for removing moisture, deodorizing, and killing bacteria and mites.

Spread the baking soda over the entire surface of the mattress and leave it for about an hour.
Then, remove all the product with a slightly damp cloth.

Once dry, you can complement the procedure with a vacuum cleaner, to remove the deepest residual dirt.

Vacuum the entire surface and even if it looks clean, your mattress can collect a lot of dust, so with a good vacuum we will be able to remove the remaining dust.

Use a soft bristle brush

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This trick consists of using a soft bristle brush, which helps remove particles that are located on the outside of the mattress. You should only use it with gentle circular movements (if necessary, use a vacuum cleaner to remove particles).

If you want to be more effective, take the mattress out into the sun and apply little baking soda and leave it exposed to the air and sun for as long as possible to eliminate bacteria and mites.

How to clean a mattress dry and without a vacuum cleaner?

Mix 2 tablespoons of baking soda in half a glass of white vinegar, then moisten a dry cloth in this solution.

Run the cloth over the entire mattress to remove surface dirt, and if there are stubborn stains, rub vigorously so the contents dissolve and disappear.

Later, you can use a soft bristle brush, try not to use other types of bristles that could damage the surface of the mattress and the fabric.

How often is a mattress cleaning necessary?

Cleaning the mattress is something that you should do at least once a month and, in a deep way, every 6 months. You can take advantage of this moment to turn it around, in the event that your mattress is reversible. If not, you can turn it from head to toe.

The important thing, to prevent the mattress from getting dirty faster, is to use a mattress protector.

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