Education comes from school, good habits from home

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Education comes from school good habits from home

Education and training is something that is learned at school, good customs, family values, come from home, and in any case, are strengthened when entering school.

The role of school in our life is crucial, it promotes interest and empowers children with opportunities to become successful people. The expansion of the new educational system is similar to the development of our society. It is well established that the method of learning is essential to define one’s personality and to cope with the circumstances of life. The transition from book literacy to the experience of existence has created a wave of change in schools.

The school is a support for the development of children

People have come to realize that education is the secret to positive growth rather than a means to graduate and attain material achievement in life. School is important for a child because school brings innumerable knowledge and also the best higher education and guidance for the future.

Good habits come from home

However, good customs, true examples to follow, come from the primary model, which is each home, the family is the core of the values ​​that a person acquires about the world, and about himself.

The importance of education

Both primary school and the other levels offer children the opportunity to learn about different fields of education, including human, literature, culture, mathematics, history and geography, and various other subjects.

That helps improve the reasoning mechanism. If you are subjected to stimuli from various cultural backgrounds, the environment and life become huge.

help to socialize

School is the first opportunity for a child to socialize. By then, the only individuals with whom the child has interpersonal contact are the parents and members of the extended family.

They are encouraged to develop their minds and interest is supported through the modular curriculum. The infant breaks free and lets his creativity run its course from the clutches of the mental block.

The goal of any educational system is to prepare students to be functioning members of society as adults. So with that in mind, some educational theories emphasize that a teacher’s job is also to develop a child’s cognitive and emotional development, including physical development.

Values ​​are learned at home

Parents have to instill values ​​in their children, not by preaching but by practicing.

Children will quickly pick up on any disconnect between what parents say and what they do. For example, if children see their parents working hard, being disciplined, and treating others with respect, then these values ​​will ingrain in them, even without the parents talking to them about it.

A child’s first school is home, and his parents are his first teachers. The most basic and important lessons in life, including good behavior and values, are learned at home, then refined and reinforced at school.

Family values ​​aren’t usually something most people think about until they need to teach their children a lesson in response to unwanted behavior.

However, the importance of family values ​​should not be overlooked. Reflecting on what each family’s values ​​are and instilling them in your own children early on can teach them how you expect them to behave when you’re not around.

Children learn by what you do and say. Live your family life in a way that makes you proud and encourages positive family decisions and behaviors. Valuable family values ​​and ethical principles will be helpful guides throughout your children’s lives.

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