Everything you need to know about sex after 60

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Although things are very different from the past and perceptions have completely changed, our society still has a hard time believing that people over the age of 55 or 60 want and can be sexually active.

Even if some people find it hard to believe, there are plenty of people in their fifties, sixties, and seventies who have sex and enjoy it. There may be objective difficulties, but this does not mean that we should forget about sex after a certain age.

Sex, at any age, is very beneficial for health

Sex seems to be a good physical exercise, it reduces stress, improves mood and improves memory. According to research, sex also helps in the emotional connection of the couple, which is beneficial for the longevity perspective.

Low mood is normal

Many women notice a decrease in their libido around the time of menopause. The good news is that this decrease is temporary and usually returns some time after menopause.

If we have difficulty, we can discuss it with our partner or with our doctor, to suggest something that can help us, if we see that it lasts a long time and worries us.

male gender issues

Sometimes men get older and have some problems, for example with erections or ejaculation, but this does not mean that couples should forget about sex. There are many ways to help men who are struggling, with the help of your doctor.

Sex after a period of abstinence has no contraindications

Sometimes, and for various reasons, a woman may want to resume her sexual life after a period of abstinence. Although this is normal and desirable, it is likely to cause some difficulties mainly because the vagina, after a long period of abstinence, especially when it coincides with menopause, can become narrower and thinner. In this case, it will help us to consult our gynecologist and follow her advice.

another freedom begins

Both women and men often have difficulty getting to know their own body, expressing what they want and what they like, and claiming it. Perhaps social restrictions, what has been taught since childhood, taboos… The important thing is that as we get older and past 40 or 50, it is easier to know our body and express what we like and give us pleasure without shame and contraction.

Some positions are more comfortable than others

Even if we used to indulge in all the postures of the Kama Sutra, as we get older, some postures become more difficult, maybe even painful.

Also, some people may need special “support,” such as a pillow under their hips or back, to make them more comfortable. In any case, it is advisable to choose what makes us feel more comfortable and pleasant.

More time is given to foreplay

Even if the idea of ​​sex quickly becomes fascinating and interesting, as the years go by, foreplay becomes more important. Tenderness, hugs, caresses, can help (re) build desire and increase libido. In addition, caresses, kisses and hugs do not have to be limited to the moment of sex, since it is good that it happens between the spouses as often as possible so that intimacy is not lost and desire is not extinguished.

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