Exercise without abs for a flat stomach called “black widow”

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Exercise without abs for a flat stomach called black widow

There are many ways to get a flat stomach, but immediately you think of doing the hated abdominals, however, with the exercise called “black widow” you can flatten the belly more easily.

Getting a toned abdomen is not an easy task, and those of us who train daily know that very well, especially it becomes an impossible task for those who do not know how to get out of lethargy.

However, if during the day you have at least a few minutes while you watch TV, then it is a good time to start work the abdominal muscles to get a flat stomach, without the need to do sit-ups.

What are the “black widow” exercises

The exercise nicknamed “black widow” is the well-known exercise to mark abs “mountain climbers” or “climbers”, it is very effective for working the abs, arms, legs and chest in a way that can be from moderate to very intense.

It is an exercise that does not require any type of special material: a mat is enough, or it can be done directly on the ground.

You can do it in your home, gym, park, or anywhere with a minimal amount of space.

It is easy to perform even if it has its little tricks

To perform this exercise you must lie down in a plank position, as in the famous plank exercise, but in this case with your elbows extended and without bending.

You will use the support of your hands as if you were going to do a push-up but with your arms stretched out and your shoulders aligned with your elbows and wrists. The image shared below can be very enlightening.

How to perform the “black widow” exercise

Step by step how to do the black widow exercise

Repetitions: 20, alternating sides.

  1. Start with the position of the stretched plank, (arms extended)
  2. Bring your left knee toward your chest, contracting your abs to deepen your abdominal work, holding for 2-3 seconds.
  3. Switch legs, bringing your right knee forward as you move your right leg back. This completes one repetition.
  4. Depending on the level of training, between 15 to 25 repetitions can be done.

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