Exercises to get more raised buttocks

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Exercises to get more raised buttocks

Lack of physical activity atrophies the gluteal muscles, performing exercises that are specific to this area and at home will help you strengthen and lift them. Physical activity, which also helps your overall health, can improve the physical appearance and firmness of your butt.

Simple and specific exercises to have a more lifted butt

The glutes are one of the muscle groups that do not receive due attention in terms of specific physical activity for their correct development, regardless of their aesthetic appearance, this muscle group is of great support for the rest of the body and to be able to work on other muscles as well. undamaged areas of the body.

In this article we present a series of exercises focused on working mainly the glutes and being able to show off your figure this summer on the beach.

1. Deep squats

deep squats

Stand with your back straight, feet shoulder-width apart, and arms out in front of you. After, lower your trunk and waist as far down as you can; go up slowly and repeat 10 times, for 3 cycles.

2. Back kick

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Its execution begins by placing yourself in a quadruped position, with hands and knees supported, back and neck in a neutral position. Next, our goal is to perform a hip extension, concentrating at all times on contracting the gluteus as much as possible, so that we achieve the greatest muscle activation and, therefore, also a greater improvement.

To achieve this goal, it is very important to keep the knee flexed at 90º at all times, which inhibits the activation of the hamstrings, and the gluteus will be the only one in charge of performing that hip extension.

In turn, to improve the involvement of all muscle fibers and thus achieve greater development, we must perform a slight external rotation of the hip (direct the knee out) but without exceeding 30º.

3. Bridges

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Bridges are exercises that are used to train and enlarge the leg muscles, specifically these work on the femoral and upper gluteus muscles, giving our hips and buttocks a round shape.

For this exercise you will need: a yoga mat and an exercise band, if you don’t have you can add a little weight with dumbbells or a couple of books.

Next, lie on the floor on your back, bend your knees forward, with your head and the middle of your torso on the floor, lift your hips and hold in this position for a second, squeeze your glutes and slowly lower yourself down.

It is important that in this exercise you avoid making certain common mistakes, such as hyperextending your legs. Your feet should not be too far from your hips, the closer they can be to your buttocks the better.

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