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Fear of childbirth how to overcome it • Lucid Life

Every mother comes to be afraid of childbirththis feeling ranges from a slight apprehension to a true almost phobic anxiety, but there is nothing to fear, this fear is usually more common in new mothers.

The anxiety prior to delivery It can get you stressed, it’s normal, giving birth It will be a unique experience, so you should not fear, on the contrary, fill yourself with joy and delight at the arrival of your child.

Tips to overcome the fear of childbirth

To avoid problems during childbirth It is essential that you follow the doctor’s instructions so that the pregnancy reaches a happy term.

Look for information about motherhood

If you are near the due date It is important to search for information on maternity hospitals, clinics or hospitals in your city, comparing the opinions of Internet users, family and friends to choose the best option.

You can visit the chosen place and walk through its facilities so that you begin to familiarize yourself.

Anticipate the arrival of your baby

Not only should you have the baby’s room, clothes, decoration, everything you need to prepare for the baby’s arrival.

Read books about motherhood Y baby development during each stage it will allow you to clear most of your doubts and drain part of the anxiety by knowing a little about what your future will be with your new baby.

Do breathing exercises

There is no better way to free yourself from the tensions that come with the time of delivery approaching than perform breathing exercisessuch as sophrology or yoga will allow you to clear your mind and relax your body.

Meet your medical team

It is convenient to speak with the team that will attend your delivery, both with the obstetrician, anesthesiologist, pediatrician and nurses, in this way you can express your doubts and it will allow you to familiarize yourself with the people in charge of helping you bring your baby into the world.

Ask your partner for help

Your partner is the one who accompanies you at all times, who has been there for you during the last months of the entire pregnancy, in case of fear of childbirth you can tell him and support you.

Be positive

Having the best disposition will help you to better cope with the situation, giving birth is a unique process that will fill your life with great joy, in this way you will be able to have a happy pregnancy and prepare to begin a new stage in your life.

There are techniques to reduce pain

An childbirth is painfulunless you ask for an epidural, give birth without pain naturally it may not be possible, but there is techniques that reduce the pain of contractions during childbirth.

  • Walking helps the baby go downdancing can also be very useful.
  • Maintaining a good breathing rhythm during labor will help you decrease the pain of contractions.
  • If you concentrate during each contraction on visualizing what your baby will be like, it will help you take off the pain with just the thought of your baby by not focusing only on contractions.
  • To avoid adding tension after each uterine contraction, it is advisable to put your mind blank to help you relax your body during labor.

Common doubts after delivery time

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One of the ways to overcome the fear of childbirth, is to clear up those common doubts that are transmitted to pregnant women, which could generate more anxiety and stress.

We present you some Common doubts after deliveryif you have any of these doubts, remember that your treating doctor can help you clear them up so that you can carry the rest of your pregnancy in a calm way.

“I’m afraid I won’t be able to bear the pain of childbirth”

The first thing you should do is not allow stories about painful births to fill you with doubts or fears, all births are different, even different types of births in the same woman.

For overcome the fear of childbirth, it is essential that you do not miss your childbirth preparation classes and speak with your obstetrician at each consultation to clarify any doubts, you can also ask for information about the epidural to give birth without pain.

“I am worried that the baby may be ill”

Many women fear that their children will have problems, such as congenital malformations, but this is something that should not worry them, since there are different diagnostic methods that allow parents to know about these problems before birth.

“I’m terrified of being alone during labor”

Consult with your specialist doctor, the possibility that your partner can enter the delivery with you, some centers do not allow it, so you must document yourself beforehand.

“I am worried that the delivery will be early”

There is a possibility that your delivery will be early, 10% of deliveries usually occur between weeks 32 and 37, so you should have everything ready in case your baby is early.

If this were to happen, you just have to have a positive mind, your baby can stay in the incubator for a while, but later he can be with you.

“I’m afraid you enter a delivery room”

This could be one of the biggest fears of women, after the arrival of labor, entering an unknown place, it can become intimidating to be surrounded by different instruments, equipment, monitors, and many unknown people.

In this case, you only need to trust your doctor and his entire team, who will be in charge of helping you bring your baby into the world.

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