Flower tattoos with simple and attractive designs

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Flower tattoos with simple and attractive designs

The flower tattoos They are already as old as the art of tattooing itself. The trend of flower tattoos seems to increase over the years, with both men and women opting for these flower tattoos both as a couple and individually. Although it is usually a feminine tattoo style to wear a flower somewhere on the body.

Origin of flower tattoos

The original flower tattoos they started with the rose and the lotus flower. The rose was the motif of the tattoo among sailors. Mainly with swallows, skulls or girls who wore them. Flowers are among the most popular and sought after tattoo motifs, along with butterfly or tribal tattoos.

Meaning of tattoos with flowers

In the 1950s, ladies would get small roses tattooed on their thighs. At that time the tattoos still had to be well covered, so it was used in an area that could be easily covered with the garter stocking.

These are the popular meanings of flower tattoos depending on the flower we select:

See the meanings of flower tattoos

  • Carnation: It is considered an auspicious flower. It has different colors, each with its own meaning:
  • white carnation: Represents purity, fidelity and devotion.
  • red carnation: represents love, passion and admiration.
  • pink carnation: represents friendship, motherhood and joy.
  • yellow carnation: represents conflicts, falsehood and depression.
  • purple carnation: represents falsehood and whims.
  • white lily– This flower tattoo symbolizes friendship, trustworthy long-term relationships and motherhood. In tattoos, it is often represented neutral, that is, it is preferable to draw the edges and highlight them, but leaving a glimpse of the color of the skin inside.
  • Sunflower: symbolizes luck and wealth, flexibility and spiritual fulfillment, but also represents joy, loyalty, beauty and pride. In itself, it retains the symbolism of eternity and the cyclicity of life.
  • Iris: has many positive meanings such as deep friendship, trust, wisdom, hope and passion. In East Asia, it was painted on the armor of soldiers as a talisman to protect them from enemies.
  • lotus flower: symbol of femininity. It is also called the “flower of oblivion” because a legend of Buddhist origin says that its smell leads to losing oneself in a state of oblivion. It is a flower also associated with fertility and regeneration, as it closes at night to reopen in the morning light. The Buddhist faith believes that this flower symbolizes truth and was used by the Egyptians for ceremonies, a symbol of positivity and peace.
  • Daisy flower: it represents pure love, simplicity, modesty and kindness of spirit.
  • Daffodil: This flower tattoo represents honesty and forgiveness, self-esteem, security and trust.
  • Orchid: this tattoo is associated with power, strength and mystery. In its white color it symbolizes passion and sensuality. For the Japanese, the orchid represents the courage of warriors and in China, however, its meaning is associated with prosperity and fertility.
  • Peonies: The peonies flower tattoo represents elegance and beauty.
  • vinca flowers: This tattoo symbolizes remembrance.
  • Petunia: this type of flower represents resentment and anger.
  • Tulip: Symbol of opportunity, accomplishment and determination.
  • Creek: Well-known flower of mythology, according to the legends, it is attributed to the tears of Eve when she was expelled from the Garden of Eden. The calla lily is considered a symbol of beauty and fertility, it is often depicted with yellow and white flowers, thus symbolizing femininity and simplicity.
  • Camellia: It represents the love towards a person, a symbol of passion, refinement and perfection.
  • Dahlia: Symbol of change, gratitude and passion.
  • Pink: It is the “queen of flowers” that symbolizes beauty and eternal love. In the tarot she is considered a symbol of balance, she represents new beginnings and hope, in contrast to her thorns which represent defense, loss and carelessness. Depending on its color, the rose represents different meanings:
  • Red rose: symbolizes true love, sacrifice, passion and respect. In tattoos it is the typical flower of lovers.
  • White Rose: symbolizes purity, humility and innocence. It is used to represent the purity of the Virgin Mary, but if it is shown withered it is a symbol of death.
  • yellow Rose: Represents friendship, devotion and joy.
  • blue rose: A blue rose tattoo symbolizes charm.
  • black rose: represents the overcoming of a negative period, but also the beginning of a better one.
  • Violet: this flower symbolizes solidarity and union, memory and thought for those who no longer exist.

Most popular flower tattoos

In addition to lotus, roses, carnations and jasmine, flower tattoos can also use flower designs such as peonies, violets, hibiscus flowers, as well as whole bouquets, which are motifs that have recently become popular. they have been discovered, and are already used in different parts of the body, more and more often in the arms, legs and wrists. We invite you to discover the most elegant rose tattoos.

Flower tattoos on the shoulder

Small flowers tattooed on the shoulder

A girl who wears a flower tattoo on her right shoulder

Rose tattoo on shoulder

A bouquet of flowers on the shoulder

A woman with flowers tattooed on her back

Flower tattoos on the wrist

lotus flower tattoo on hand

Red flower tattooed on the hand

A tiny flower tattooed on the wrist

A tattoo in the form of a bracelet with a bouquet of flowers

flowers tattooed around the wrist

A girl with flower tattoo on her forearm

A tattoo for couples

Flower tattoos on the arm

A tribal flower tattooed on the arm

Blonde girl with a flower tattoo on her arm

Simple flower tattoo on the arm

A set of flowers tattooed on the arm

Flower tattoo on the arm

Sunflower tattooed on the arm

Flower tattoos on the hand

A tiny rose tattoo on the finger

small flower tattoos on the ring finger

A tiny flower tattooed on the finger

Flower tattoos on the foot

Small flower tattooed on the back of the leg

rose tattoo on hand

A blue flower tattooed on the foot

Blue flower tattooed on the lower leg

red flower tattoo on foot

Small for tattooed on the foot

A rose tattooed on the heel

Flower tattoos behind the ear

A tattoo of a rose tattooed behind the ear

A tribal flower tattooed behind the ear

Small rose tattoo behind the ear

Flower tattoo on the nape

Flower tattoos on the back

A tribal flower tattoo on the back

flower with phrase stem tattooed on the back

A medium flower tattooed on the back

An elegant flower tattooed on the back of a woman

Flower tattoo with shadows on the back

A black flower tattooed on the back

A small flower tattooed on the back

Flower tattoos can be adapted to all skin types, ages and tastes, you can choose the design that best suits you and always consult with the specialist artist to see if they can offer you the tattoo you need.

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