Foods to increase muscle mass

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Foods to increase muscle mass

in search of the ideal diet to increase muscle mass? Take a look at the most suitable foods for muscle hypertrophy. The dream of many is to increase muscles and lose fat, but for this goal to be achieved, a balanced diet must be reconciled with the practice of physical exercises, in particular, bodybuilding, indicated especially for those who want an increase in muscle mass and a lot of patience and dedication, because the results are not instantaneous.

food and muscle mass

But, for those who achieve the goals, they must know what the human body needs and among essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the body carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, soluble and insoluble fibers and waterwhich must be present in the always balanced and healthy way of eating.

So if you are looking for a more sculptural and healthy body, we bring you some food tips and diets indicated mainly for those who yearn for increased muscle mass.

Diet to increase muscle size for beginners

In the diet to increase muscle mass, in beginners the main advice is to remember that the “weak” today can be the “strong” tomorrow and the important thing is to always keep in mind that a positive result is only possible after a lot of effort and dedication, after all, each body responds differently, so learning and understanding how your body works is the key to success.

In the case of beginners diet for muscle hypertrophy (increased muscle mass) must be composed of all the essential nutrients for the proper functioning of the bodybut proteins must be increased, mainly proteins of animal origin, which are rich in essential amino acids, these compounds that build tissues, particularly muscles.

So, invest in a balanced and healthy diet made up of proteins of animal origin such as red meat (it is recommended that they be from free-range animals), fish, eggs, fruits (such as bananas, orange juice, tomatoes, apples), nuts, seeds, these are some of the most recommended foods to gain volume in the early stages.

Diet to increase female muscle mass

Every day there are more women who try to keep their bodies in shape, some dream of a statuesque body full of curves and muscles. But, to obtain a complete body, all the muscles require intense practice and with an extra dose of dedication, this is because the female body acts differently than that of the man, being more conducive to an accumulation of fat in different areas of the body, which requires a proper diet, routine and training to be adhered to.

As a proper diet of low-fat protein foods, including, egg whites, oatmeal, beans, lentils, chickpeas, yogurt (you can see here a recipe to prepare homemade yogurt) breads added with seeds, nutsskim milk, tuna, and lean red meat.

And, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet, many nutritionists recommend using supplements that help gain lean body mass, which are sources of protein and can be consumed after a meal, however, you must have a healthy menu that contains carbohydrates , vitamins, minerals, fiber and water in its composition. Consultation with a qualified trainer is recommended before starting any supplement.

Diet to increase male muscle mass

As the male body produces the hormone testosterone that helps to gain muscle mass, hypertrophy in men is faster, which allows men to have more defined muscles.

But, for the objectives to be achieved, we must follow a strict diet that follows the same eating pattern, in addition to the aforementioned use of protein supplements such as whey protein, in the recommended amounts, see information on lactose intolerance to identify if you can cause you any trouble.

In addition, you need adequate training that allows muscle groups to recover and a correct intake of carbohydrates to avoid negative nitrogen balance that leads to protein catabolism, in other words, the breakdown of lean mass, thus guaranteeing an increase significant in muscle mass.

If you have doubts about the recommended diet for muscle hypertrophy, do not hesitate and contact a nutrition specialist who can guide you in your particular case.

Writing: Lucid Life Team

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