Get a less tired face with this makeup trick

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Get a less tired face with this makeup trick

Seeing yourself renewed naturally is not that easy and it is always possible. Working late, finishing chores, and going out at night with the kids can make you look exhausted and tired.

It’s hard to take a good nap all the time when women have too much to do. But you still want to look fresh and well the next morning, and makeup can help you with that.

Makeup tricks to look less tired

“You look exhausted” is one of the last things any woman would want to hear. If you haven’t managed to catch up on enough sleep, but she still wants to look refreshed, don’t worry! Here are some makeup tricks to fake your well-rested face.

1. Use cold water

Once you wake up, washing your face with hot water may feel good, but it can dehydrate your skin. The face usually looks a bit puffy in the morning as the pores expand while we sleep.

Cold water works great on your face as it closes your pores and soothes your eyes. A splash of cold water works just as well as anti-aging cream and makes you look awake. It is one of the useful and easy tips to look less tired.

2. Add some face oil to your foundation

If you’re looking to achieve a natural glow without using tons of highlighter on your cheeks, makeup artist Branden Malear recommends adding a little face oil to your foundation to keep your skin looking dewy and glowing. “Put two to three drops of facial oil on your foundation to give your makeup a youthful glow – this is also a great way to moisturize your skin.”

3. Add color to your cheeks

A light, shimmery shade of blush on your cheekbones brightens your entire face. Opt for a rosy pink or light shimmery gold. Avoid shades that are too bold, as they can make you look heavily made up. A touch of light blush on the cheek can make you look vibrant and beautifully awake.

4. Draw on your eyebrows carefully

While full, defined brows look great at any age, Melear says you’ll want to be careful when drawing those arches, as you want your look to look clean and natural.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t go for a fuller brow look as it is recommended to use a taupe brow pencil to lightly fill in your brows. This ends up giving them a more elevated look.

5. Play around with lip tones.

Putting the spotlight on your lips with the brightest shades of lip colors is another helpful makeup tip that you can try. Go with bold and bright colors, it will draw attention from other parts of the face. The bright color makes your smile stand out and distracts people from the overall look.

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