Get rid of bad smells in the pipes with this trick

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Get rid of bad smells in the pipes with this

If you constantly feel an unpleasant odor coming out of the toilet and it persists, it’s probably coming from the sewers. But there is no need to panic and call a plumber right away, there is a very useful trick that will help you to have a nice and clean bathroom.

Why does my bathroom smell bad?

If a bad smell lingers in your bathroom, it doesn’t mean your hygiene is questionable. There are several reasons why this bad smell can appear. This may be due to a buildup of debris in the bathroom.

Hair, chemicals, and lint are all things that can accumulate in your drain and create a veritable haven for bacteria and microbes that produce unpleasant odors.

These odors can also come from a lack of maintenance or from your septic tank. If this problem is caused by a buildup of debris in your pipes, there is a simple trick that will save you from having to call a plumber. This solution is definitive and will help you have a nice and clean bathroom.

How do I get rid of the sewer smell in my house?

Get rid of bad smells in the pipes with this

To have a house free of odors, there is a home maintenance product that will thoroughly purify your pipes when residues have accumulated. The ingredients for this remedy are often on hand and will rid you of this unpleasant inconvenience.

For this you will need to arm yourself with baking soda, with which you can eliminate bad odors from your home. Add bleach, white vinegar, and hot water to your arsenal, too, and you’re all set for some plumbing!

  1. Step 1: Clean out any hair that is stuck to the surface of the drains.
  2. Step 2: After cleaning this surface, pour some bleach water on it and let it sit for 10 minutes. The use of a mask is recommended to avoid inhaling toxic odors.
  3. Step 3: Pour baking soda and white vinegar, an essential home remedy, into the sink in question. These are essential household products that are renowned for their antibacterial properties. This will create a chemical reaction that will dissolve the debris stored in the pipes.
  4. Step 4: Let this mixture rest for 15 minutes.
  5. Step 5: Pour boiling water down the drain.

How do I keep my pipes clean?

To avoid the use of abrasive products, it is important to carry out regular maintenance on the pipes. To do this, use ground coffee. This natural remedy to maintain your pipes not only drives away bad odors, but also eliminates the waste that accumulates daily.

To do this, pour a cup of ground coffee down the sink or drain, then add a liter of boiling water. The ground coffee loosens the dirt that is embedded in the walls of the pipes. Make sure you do this once a week.

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