Guide to properly clean your computer keyboard

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Guide to properly clean your computer keyboard

Even if you take care of your computer, the keyboard can quickly become dirty over time. This is more visible when it is white or beige. Fortunately, it is possible to clean it with ingenious, simple and effective tricks.

How to clean your computer keyboard?

The keyboard needs to be cleaned regularly as it collects dust and dirt very quickly. For this, there are simple solutions to apply. Just follow this guide and the process will be a piece of cake.

1. Unplug your keyboard

This preliminary step is simple but necessary. First, unplug the keyboard from your desktop computer before cleaning it. If, on the other hand, you have a laptop, you should turn it off before you start cleaning it.

2. Do an initial cleaning of your keyboard

Initially, it will be necessary to start with a primary cleaning. To clean a desktop keyboard, simply turn the keyboard over and shake it to remove dust particles and small debris. Next, use a special keyboard vacuum cleaner to remove all the particles that are between the keys. If you don’t have a vacuum, use an air pump to dust it off.

If you have a laptop, it’s important to be careful not to shake the computer to clean it. It is best to use a slightly damp cloth or feather duster. If the keyboard is particularly dirty, take a Q-tip slightly moistened with water and wipe away the grime. Then wipe with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture.

If you do not have tools to vacuum the dust between the keys of the keyboard, use self-adhesive paper by inserting it between the keys. This way you can remove all the dust from your keyboard.

Also, cleaning the keys on the keyboard is more tedious. Whether it’s a computer keyboard for the office or a laptop, cleaning should be done key by key. Using a Q-tip soaked in white vinegar, you’ll need to scrub the keys, not forgetting the sides. Feel free to use the other end of the swab or change it if it is too dirty. You can use it around the edge of your keyboard and use a cloth for larger areas of your laptop or desktop.

3. Clean the keyboard inside

You can access the inside of the keyboard depending on the model. If you wish to do so, consult the user manual of the latter. If in doubt, refrain from doing so, otherwise your keyboard will be damaged. If your keys are removable, use a flat tool to pry them up. Repeat this for each of them. Tip: Take a picture of your keyboard to help you remember where each key is. All you have to do is put them back after cleaning them.

4. Finish cleaning your computer keyboard

These are the latest recommendations to have a keyboard like new. Clean the cable if your computer has one, using paper towels and white vinegar. It is recommended to proceed in the same way for the lower part of the keyboard.

Cleaning a computer keyboard is not an easy task, but it should be done for hygiene reasons. It is important to follow these steps to have a clean and ready to use device.

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