How can you support your child if they don’t have friends?

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How can you support your child if they dont have

Teaching a child to make contact and create new relationships is an important task for a parent. If the child needs extra support here, you can make a big difference, you just need to know how to direct your child a bit.

The family is a crucial pillar for the child, however, friends are something fundamental that our children need. friendships are valuable to help children develop emotionally and socially.

Can we teach our children to make friends?

The truth is that there are children who can make friends easily, and others who have difficulty. So for those who haven’t developed their social skills enough, what can we do? Is friendship taught?

Friendship is an abstract concept. However, what can be “taught” are the mechanisms of healthy socialization. The “good news” is that this is not as difficult as it might seem. It is done with simple and clear steps.

The role of parents in front of a child without friends

Interaction with other children provides a training ground for trying out different ways of relating to others. Through interaction with friends, children learn to set rules, weigh alternatives, and make decisions.

dare to ask

The number of friends a child needs varies. Start by investigating if it is a problem for the child. Children who lack friends without choosing to do so may feel ashamed. They may think it is their fault and not say anything for fear of worrying their parents.

Listen to what the child wants

How can you support your child if they dont have

Listen to the child’s thoughts and feelings without interrupting. Talk about how the child experiences his situation and how he would like it to be. Discuss together what a good friend should be.

Be specific!

Give the child concrete advice according to his age and maturity on how to make contact with others. What can you say? What can the child himself think of doing? Remind him that you will do everything possible to support and help him.

Keep track of your emotions

Children need parents to try to understand without mixing up their own experiences and feelings. It is normal to feel scared and worried as a parent. You must be aware of your own anxieties so that they are not transferred to the child.

It’s not the kid’s fault

Difficult questions may arise, such as: “What’s wrong with me?” Nothing is wrong with your son. Talk about the fact that there can be many reasons why friends don’t want to see each other right now. Encourage the child to dare to let go of friends who don’t want to hang out. Think together: where are other peers to connect with?

It is very important not to make him feel guilty about the fact that he does not have friends, but to understand that these are circumstances that have passed, but that we can all make good friends, although sometimes some people take longer than others.

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online friends

Kids who lack friends at school, for example, today may have multiple friends online. They can be very important and make the child want to spend more time in front of the computer. Remember that online friends are just as real as other friends.

convey hope

Try to convey to the child that he will not always be the way he is now. It confirms that it may seem difficult, but that changes rarely happen overnight. Many people find their close friends when they get older.

When can a child be socialized?

This skill-technique is useful from the age when children begin to speak and say their name. However, given the circumstances, it can also be useful for slightly older children.

So start with these “basic” steps to emotionally support children. Try not to intervene, but to be supportive and help the child find the words and ways to create “life relationships.”

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