How do you know if toothpaste is expired?

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How do you know if toothpaste is expired

When it comes to checking expiration dates, we are more likely to check products like milk or eggs. But, Did you know that toothpaste also has an expiration date?

Toothpaste helps keep teeth healthy and prevents cavities. But brushing with expired toothpaste has some downsides for dental health and does not guarantee proper cleaning.

Toothpaste can go bad

This is because it has several active ingredients such as fluoride, a natural mineral that is extremely important in preventing cavities. And with the time, fluoride breaks down and becomes less effective. It usually has an expiration date of two years from the date of manufacture, although you may find the date printed on the container or tube.

More cavities and less clean teeth

brush your teeth with old toothpaste it is not the best option for your oral health. Mostly, puts us at higher risk of cavities. One of the active ingredients in toothpaste, fluoride, becomes significantly less active after the expiration date. This can create problems for the teeth, since the main action of fluoride is to prevent cavities.

Fluoride strengthens enamel (the outer surface of teeth), better protecting it from the effects of decay-causing acids. After the expiration date, the fluoride becomes less effective at doing its job, increasing the risk of cavities.

On the other hand, after the expiration date, the toothpaste can begin to develop fungi and bacteria. And besides being disgusting, these germs can also get into your mouth. This type of fungi and bacteria are not native to the oral cavity, and their entry can alter the oral flora, increasing the risk of cavities and inflammation of the gums or gums.

fungus and bacteria in the mouth

It should also be noted that most of us enjoy the fresh feeling that comes with clean teeth. Unfortunately, an old tube of toothpaste can ruin this pleasant experience. While not harmful on their own, some toothpaste ingredients tend to lose their quality over time, ruining the mint flavor.

Can it be used in an emergency?

Brushing your teeth with expired toothpaste is certainly not ideal, but it’s not the worst either. Although we can continue using the toothpaste for several months without losing its effectiveness, it is not recommended to use a toothpaste that has expired several years ago. This is because usually all unwanted effects do not occur immediately after the expiration date.

This means that using old toothpaste as a last resort won’t harm your teeth unless it’s expired by a year or more. If the tube is more than a year old, it should be discarded. In this case, it is better to rinse with water until we can replace the toothpaste. While toothpaste is essential for healthy teeth, mechanical removal of plaque and debris through brushing and flossing is the most effective way to prevent cavities.

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