How do you know you are involved with a narcissistic woman?

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How do you know you are involved with a narcissistic

In general, the line between a self-centered person and a narcissist is very thin. Surely you have met someone in the past, whom you labeled with this epithet, because of his behavior.

But what does it really mean to be a narcissist? Or what are the signs that indicate it? Read on below to find out exactly how you’ll know you’re involved with a narcissistic woman.

What is a narcissist?

We come across the word “narcissist” every day, as it is used to describe a person when their personality has some specific characteristics.

Since ancient times we know Narcissus, who fell in love and was delighted with his reflection in the mirror. Ancient Greek mythology, therefore, already foreshadows us about the importance of narcissism.

It is not only a characterization or a condition, but it is also listed in the diagnostic manual as a personality disorder, the so-called Narcissistic Disorder.

Certain personality traits predispose to the development of Narcissistic Disorder but this does not mean that every person characterized by some narcissistic traits can receive a diagnosis.

How to know if you have run into a narcissistic woman?

Mentioned below are some characteristics that a woman can present in a relationship, through which it is very likely that we can warn that we have come across a narcissist.

Feel an excessive degree of autonomy

Usually, people with strong narcissism feel superior to others, but their actions are not consistent with this idea. In addition, such a woman can very easily underestimate the help of those around her, believing that she does not need anyone but herself.

She thinks she’s special and unique

A narcissistic woman believes that she is better than others. Therefore, she constantly seeks to be with other unique people.

But apart from people, he always wants to have the best. For example, the best car, the latest mobile model, etc.

Constantly demand your admiration

Typically, these individuals appear to have great self-confidence and self-esteem. In fact, this is not the case. They constantly seek tranquility and have a need to be admired.

She will almost constantly look for you to congratulate her, to admire her, to know that there is no one else who could be better.

lacks empathy

Behavior of a narcissistic woman

In general, narcissists cannot acknowledge the efforts and feelings of others. Usually they only talk about their own problems and ignore other people’s problems, as if they are not so important.

For example, you may have a problem with your work and she will continue to talk about a very trivial and uninteresting topic. With this, she shows you the lack of interest in knowing what is happening to you, in short, in caring about her partner.

You are jealous of those around you

Such a woman constantly compares herself with other people, and usually with other women.

He envy some of their characteristics, but in a bad and negative way. Furthermore, she has a feeling that those around her are also jealous of her.

Does not accept criticism easily

You have probably noticed that another characteristic of a narcissist is that they do not easily accept criticism from those around them.

It is a fact that when someone comments on something, they will immediately try to get defensive, believing that they are being wronged. Such a woman will easily play the victim to justify herself and escape from such a situation.

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