How to get a large rosemary plant with just one twig

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How to get a large rosemary plant with just one

Rosemary is a Mediterranean plant widely used to decorate gardens, patios and balconies, as well as to flavor different dishes. Its cultivation and maintenance is very simple, I would even say that it is one of those that can take care of itself if it is on the ground. And all you need is the sun and a little water.

That’s why it never hurts to be able to reproduce rosemary and turn it into a great plant, because you know that you can always enjoy the beauty and benefits. But is there a way to get it without spending a lot of money? The truth is that if.

The benefits of rosemary

Rosemary belongs to the Lamiaceae family. It is an evergreen perennial plant, common in the Mediterranean and some parts of Europe. It needs mild winters, bright light, and moderate humidity to grow outdoors. Therefore, most often in natural conditions, rosemary settles on the slopes of forested mountains. Occasionally, it is found in the steppes.

Rosemary can be combined with other plants or planted as a separate group. In temperate climate regions, this plant is used to decorate walls and fences, reinforce and beautify support steps and slopes of alpine slides.

How to propagate rosemary from a twig?

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To propagate rosemary by cuttings, just do the following:

In autumn we will cut a branch that we see healthy and strong. Then we will remove some lower leaves. Next, we soak the base with powdered roots of hormones or rooting hormones, in case of not having it, we can go to the next step.
Finally, we plant it in a pot with vermiculite that will remain humid but not wet.
After about a month, it will take root.

rosemary care

Caring for rosemary in our garden is not a hassle, just follow a few simple rules. Properly selected soil for rosemary is the basis for successful cultivation. Otherwise, it is unpretentious, rarely gets sick and is not attacked by pests.


Rosemary is a drought tolerant plant and does not need heavy watering in the garden. Excessive moisture leads to stripped stems and death of the plant. However, it is better not to let the soil dry out completely, especially in the summer heat, otherwise the leaves will begin to turn yellow, and the concentration of essential oils in them will decrease.

Artificial irrigation of the bushes will be needed immediately after planting, until the root system is strong, and during dry periods of summer. The rest of the year, rosemary has sufficient natural rainfall. In case you do not have them, a weekly watering will be enough.

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