How to get rid of double chin or double chin?

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How to get rid of double chin or double chin

The care of the face and the muscular tone of the factions is not only related to women, since men can also suffer from a double chin or double chin, so in this article you will find some tips to reduce double chin.

Overweight and lack of elasticity of the skin trigger many aesthetic problems, one of them is the dreaded double chin; Fortunately, getting rid of that layer of subcutaneous fat that hangs below the chin is possible as long as you follow some specific tips and put into practice simple natural remedies such as those suggested below.

What is double chin and what causes trigger its appearance?

The jowls or double chin is a fairly recurrent aesthetic problem regardless of gender; It is the layer of thick subcutaneous fat that hangs below the chin and that supposes a flaw in the anatomy of the face, even aging its appearance. Although some genetic factors affect its appearance, the main causes of its formation are the lack of elasticity of the skin and being overweight.

How to remove double chin or double chin?

The diet plays an elemental role in the formation and elimination of the double chin; it must include foods rich in vitamin E, avoiding, on the other hand, the consumption of tea, carbonated drinks and alcohol. Likewise, proper hydration and exercise, including routines with weights and cardiovascular-type activities, are essential.

Additionally, it is advisable to sleep with a thin pillow and avoid slouching, because in addition to increasing the size of the double chin, it can make it a permanent problem. As this will not be enough, it will also be necessary to put into practice certain home remedies.

Homemade and natural alternatives to get rid of double chin:

The first option to show off a double chin-free face is massage, for which you have multiple options:

1. Massages with essential oils

The circulation-stimulating properties, nutritional content and firming effect of some essential oils make it possible to reverse the unpleasant problem if the measures suggested above are accompanied by a constant massage routine with:

  • Hot castor oil: pour a little on the fingertips and distribute evenly over the area before starting to massage in upward movements for 10 minutes before removing with plenty of warm water.
  • Wheat germ oil: in the same way as in the previous scenario, the area is applied and massaged, with the exception that it is left to act overnight and that is because the content of vitamin E present in the composition of the oil works gradually tightening and nourishing the skin.
  • Olive oil: unlike the previous two, this oil is ideal for massaging the double chin in the morning; following the same technique, never in circular or downward movements, as it increases the appearance of wrinkles and more sagging.

But essential oils are not the only allies of a double chin-free face, combating the problem with massage is also possible using:

  • The content of a vitamin E capsule, especially if it is left to act overnight.
  • Melon poultices, because the fruit’s vitamin C content improves skin tone, restoring its firmness.
  • Green tea, the two-in-one alternative, since while enjoying the infusion, the bags will serve to massage and eliminate the double chin.
  • Milk cream or yogurt, the option that tones and gives elasticity to the skin.

2. Masks

Combining a tablespoon of glycerin, with half of Epsom salt and a few drops of peppermint oil, you have the ideal mask to eliminate double chin; Apply to the area, leave to act and remove with cold water. It is important to repeat the treatment every other day.

Epsom salt works just as well if mixed with egg whites and vinegar; The result will be applied following an upward movement, with the help of a cotton speck.

3. Exercises

Chewing sugar-free gum is an infallible exercise to eliminate double chin or double chin, an effect that can be enhanced by rotating the neck twice a day or holding a tennis ball between it and the chin, taking care to release it slowly; repeat the exercise 10 times in 2 series.

Another option is to place your thumb and forefinger under the jawbone – one at each end – and push forward while gently pressing; hold the position for 30 seconds before repeating about 3 more times.

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