How to make your succulents bloom and perfume your house

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How to make your succulents bloom and perfume your house

If there are plants that we find in any home, they are succulents. Their beauty and easy care make anyone want to grow them.

If you had the opportunity to see them bloom, you will find a new species that amazes with the diversity of its flowers.

These plants are known by the name of succulents, the distinctive feature is that they are plants capable of storing large amounts of water in their fleshy leaves. In this way they can survive in arid conditions without problems, which is why they have a reputation for being easy to care for.

The flowers that they give us are varied and of infinite colors. There are tubular, star or bell shaped ones, oriented upwards to favor pollination or downwards to protect their most sensitive organs.


Succulent flowers love the sun, ideally their exposure should be gradual to prevent their leaves from burning. If temperatures exceed 32º C, move your plant to a semi-shade area, they do not like extreme heat.

When you see that the flower buds are coming out, I recommend that you give it 1 hour more exposure to the sun each day, this will stimulate its flowering.


It is important to pay close attention to the recommendations on the amount of fertilizer to apply, sometimes we make the mistake of believing that the more the better, causing our plant to die.

You will need a fertilizer high in phosphorus and low in nitrogen, it is recommended once a month. If your plant is already in bloom, you can use 1/2 dose until your succulents stop blooming.


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Although they put up with a lot of lack of water, they love water. You should soak the soil for your plant every time you water it. You will know when to repeat the operation when you insert your finger 4 cm and the soil is dry, it will be an indicator to water again.

Remember that if you use tap water, you must let it rest for 24 to 48 hours to eliminate the remains of chlorine that is used to make the city’s water drinkable.

Some succulents take years to give their first flowers, the more mature the plant, the more chances to enjoy its impressive flowers. There is a type of succulent that only blooms once in its life, but it is so beautiful that it is worth the wait.

Succulents that give flowers

  • Aloe vera: this plant has the longest flowering of its kind. Its flowering occurs in summer, with a resplendent orange color. When your aloe begins to give sticks, it will be a sign that you will soon enjoy its flowering. If you have it in a pot, you will have to transplant them into a large pot for it to flourish.
  • jade plant: This plant is not usually associated with flowering, but it gives starry white flowers. At the end of winter you will begin to see the beginning of its flowering, you must be patient, since it often takes years to give us its first flowers.
  • Echeverria: they are known for their rosette-shaped leaves, the leaf itself looks like a flower. From this comes a stem with succulent pink flowers that give this plant a special color frame.
  • Crassula springtime: Crassula Springtime’s blooming period is between late winter and early spring. This succulent greets spring with clusters of pleasantly scented pink flowers that attract bees and butterflies.
  • Euphorbia milii: This pretty plant is a succulent although it looks like a cactus. It is perfect to grow at home because it is very easy to maintain and that does not prevent it from producing beautiful flowers that are usually pink.

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