How to perform an anti-cellulite massage effectively from home

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How to perform an anti cellulite massage effectively from home

Anti-cellulite massages can be done at home, and learning some techniques, you can do it yourself to be able to eliminate cellulite without problems.

The appearance of cellulite is almost inevitable, so every woman tries to delay this moment as long as possible or start fighting the problem at the first sign of its appearance. Todaythere are many methods to deal with this conditionboth at home and in beauty salons, so it will not be so difficult to cope with the task.

The first and main condition for an effective fight against cellulite is a correct lifestyle. Without moderate and healthy nutrition and physical activity, ideal results cannot be achieved. Even having understood how to do a professional anti-cellulite massage on your own, the effort and time spent will not be worth it.

If the first condition is regularly met, then it is worth moving on to more decisive action. How to properly perform anti-cellulite massage at home and which technique will be the most effective, only experience will show. The main challenge is to be patient and practice specific movements for certain parts of the body: buttocks, thighs, abdomen, etc.

How to start with a homemade massage for cellulite

The first and most basic rule with which to start the anti-cellulite massage at home is to clean the skin and relax the muscles. If you haven’t removed dead skin cells, dirt, and sebum, all your cellulite-fighting efforts will go to waste.

Compliance with the second condition will require the use of special tools for the procedure. They must be natural and organic, this is the key to the safety of your skin and body in general. You can use phytocosmetics or cosmetics with natural additives for massages. An excellent alternative for these products would be honey or citrus essential oil.

Cupping massage for cellulite

Cupping massage against cellulite

Cupping or vacuum massage is very popular today. It’s pretty easy to do, especially since you don’t have to spend a lot of money to implement it. Most often it is used to combat deep strands of cellulite that other procedures cannot cope with.

You must carefully prepare your body for the procedure, the muscles must be completely relaxed and the skin must be clean. The procedure does not tolerate haste, and all devices for its implementation must be prepared in advance.

Vacuum massage is performed with special cups. They can be made of glass, plastic and silicone. It is worth giving preference to the latter, since they cannot be broken and are effective, but gentle on the skin.

Before starting the massage, wash and dry the cups, prepare soap or oil to treat the skin. Since this technique is based on the suction effect, materials will be needed to remove oxygen from under the cups. For this purpose, ordinary matches and flammable agents in the form of alcohol can serve.

The total time of such a massage should not take more than 15-20 minutes. Otherwise, it may damage the skin and cause redness. In some cases, even the appearance of burns is possible. After using the suction cups, you should apply a light cosmetic or anti-cellulite cream on your skin.

Honey massage for cellulite

Use honey to massage against cellulite

The second most popular salon treatment is the anti-cellulite honey massage. This method of treating cellulite has been known for many years and has an amazing effect. A honey massage can be easily done at home. To do this, it is enough to have liquid honey, and to enhance the effect, you can add citrus essential oil.

Massage with anti-cellulite honey requires endurance and patience. You should start with light tapping and movement and end with firm claps. This procedure can take more than half an hour.

Massaging your feet to treat cellulite at home will require about 40 grams of high-quality honey. If the honey is not natural, then the procedure will be quite difficult to perform, and the effect of its implementation will not be particularly noticeable even after some time.

Before performing the anti-cellulite massage with honey on the thighs and legsit is advisable to remove all hair from the treated areas. Otherwise, the hairs will be pulled out as the honey is absorbed. In the future, this can lead to ingrown hairs or noticeable damage.

Cellulite on the legs after a home massage will begin to disappear after at least 2-3 sessions. If there is no noticeable effect, then the procedure is not carried out with sufficient intensity or the agent used is not effective. You can replace honey with essential oils or even olive oil.

To buy products that can do anti-cellulite massage at home, it is recommended to read consumer reviews. This will help form an unbiased opinion about brands, cost, and the real impact of their use in the home. Before using new products, make sure they are free of allergens that can harm your health.

Basic rules of anti-cellulite massage at home

When performing massages against cellulite, several basic rules are worth following. These apply mainly to procedures that are performed by hand. But they should also not be overlooked if cupping or massagers are used:

  • If the massage is done by oneself, then it is worth correctly distributing the rhythm of massage movements. You should start with smooth, slow movements, gradually picking up the pace. This should be done to warm the skin and further absorb the anti-cellulite products. Failure to follow this rule can damage the skin and lead to severe pain;
  • to perform the movements, it is necessary to warm up the hands. Since the session is done without gloves, hands should be washed in warm water with non-greasy soap or other cleansers. They must be hot and dry at the time of the massage;
  • The main contraindications of anti-cellulite massage are cases of cancer, dermatitis and heart problems;
  • At home, anti-cellulite massage lasts at least 30 minutes. At first it will be difficult to achieve this minimum time, since the hands will not yet be adapted to this type of activity;
  • The technique of massage with the use of any type of means requires the execution of movements from the bottom up. Violation of this rule is strictly prohibited, as this can adversely affect health;
  • The main movements used during the massage will be stroking, rubbing, and patting. Its strength and intensity are calculated based on the condition of the skin, the features of the use of anti-cellulite products and the stage of the procedure;
  • When massaging the abdomen, you should perform the movements gently, without pressing hard. In case of pregnancy, this type of massage is contraindicated;
  • To properly understand how to perform a massage, you can make a personal visit to a salon to witness the procedure. If you can’t remember the sequence of movements, you can use a video for reference;
  • Do not use your hands or the massager to touch areas of the body such as the inner thighs around the pubic bone, the popliteal cavity, or the groin area. This requirement is dictated by medical contraindications.

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