How to recover the color of your hair after dyeing it

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How to recover the color of your hair after dyeing

Returning hair to its natural color can be a concern for any girl who dyes her hair. Although the process seems quite simple, recovering the color of your hair is quite difficult. Each person has an individual hair color: some have it a darker shade, others are lighter.

It is impossible to choose the right ink that looks the same as your natural color the first time. In this case, the complexity in returning its color directly depends on the original color. For example, going back from blonde to brunette is quite simple, but from brunette hair to blonde it already becomes more problematic. In some cases, a repeated dyeing procedure may be required, which will certainly affect the condition of the hair.

To restore the natural color of your hair you can dye it both in a salon and at home. It is preferable, of course, that it be in a salon, since they probably know how to correctly and quickly restore that dark, light, red or light brown color.

How do I restore the color to my hair from home?

But you can also do it at home. You must remember that it is possible to return the natural color to gray hair, but with great care. Gray hair is very fine and brittle, so dyeing can damage it even more.

Now let’s find out how you can correctly return the natural color of your hair at home or in a salon.

After lightening or highlighting it

It is much easier to restore your natural hair color after lightening or highlighting than after the reverse procedure. Dark, dark blonde, or light brown hair that has been dyed light shades will not be damaged as much by reverse dyeing, as the dark tones fall more evenly on light curls. All you have to do is choose the right shade.

Staining techniques such as ombré are sometimes used. Thanks to it, it is much easier to recover your natural dark hair color, since the growing ends will not be visible.

Some hairdressers mix several shades to achieve a more precise result. Tanning techniques are also used, which allow a smooth transition from one color to another.

After dyeing to a dark color

It is very difficult to restore the light color of the hair after dyeing in dark or black shades, especially if the dyeing has been done more than once. The fact is that it may need to be lightened in several stages, since the pigment of black paint is difficult to wash off. Also, a large number of lightening can seriously damage the structure of the hair.

In this case, the same ombré technique is used very often. Thanks to this, hair can be lightened as safely as possible. It is much easier to bring back the color of light brown hair than very light brown hair, however, it will still need to be lightened.

Problems with gray hair

Surely, many women will begin to notice that the white of gray hair will turn yellow after dyeing hair. There are two ways to fix this problem:

Rinse gray hair with lemon juice immediately after shampooing. This will help lighten gray curls and remove yellowing after three procedures.

Another way to clean gray hair is with a honey mask. You need to mix the same amount of honey and hair balm, apply the resulting mixture on wet curls and keep it that way for 40 minutes, then rinse with plenty of water. You should do such a mask every three days until you get a satisfactory result.

After recovering the color of your hair, you should treat it with conditioning shampoos and masks and special oils for colored hair. This should be taken into account especially by people who have light hair.

How to recover the color at home with home remedies?

There are various ways in which you can bring back the color of your hair at home, but they are only suitable for those who have dyed their hair with henna or tint balms. To restore the color of your hair, you will need:

  • lemon or orange juice;
  • Kefir;
  • Chamomile decoction.

The way these ingredients work is simple: you just need to wash your hair in the usual way, then apply one of the products to your hair, wait about 15 minutes, and finally rinse with water and dry. It is necessary to repeat the procedure until the desired effect is obtained.

Also, do not forget that after restoring your hair color, it is not recommended to use a hair dryer, curling iron or hot iron frequently. This can permanently damage already damaged hair.

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