How to restore the shine to your bathtub in just 4 steps

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How to restore the shine to your bathtub in just

One of the areas of the house where it is difficult to clean is the bathtub. Very often salts and yellowish tones accumulate that need a form of cleaning. All you need is a good cleanser and a pair of rubber gloves. Of course, you need to know what material the bathtub is made of in order to choose the right cleaning method.

How to shine your bathtub and leave it like new

There are a number of methods you can use to bring the shine back to your bathtub. We show them in order so that you can rule out which one is the least effective until you have your bathtub with the maximum brightness possible.

1. Use baking soda

The baking soda will help remove stubborn stains from the bathtub. Mix two tablespoons of baking soda with a teaspoon of water and rub the stains. Leave this mixture on the stained area for about half an hour. You will see that this mixture has an effect on the spots. Rub the dirty or stained areas a little and rinse.

You can use a harder material like pumice stone when scrubbing porcelain tubs, but by using a softer material like a sponge when cleaning your enamel tub and acrylic tubs, you can avoid potential scratches. You must be careful and know very well what material the bathtub is made of.

2. White vinegar

In cases where you don’t want to use chemical cleaners, vinegar is a naturally acidic material that can be useful when cleaning porcelain bathtubs. Close the lid of the bathtub, fill your bathtub with hot water and add three cups of vinegar. Leave the water and vinegar mixture in the tub for at least four hours. When draining the water, rub the stains with a cleaning brush.

3. Chemicals

If you don’t mind using chemical cleaners, the results will be clearly faster and sometimes more effective.

Use a chemical cleaner of your choice if the tub is light in color and the stains insist on not coming out after using the above two methods. Of course, you should first read the instructions on the detergent labels and try to use it in a small part of the bathtub first, to test its effectiveness.

4. Use shampoo

When you have exhausted all the cleaning methods and have not seen any results, then the shampoo will give you the solution! Take your shampoo and apply it directly on the spots. You will see that the stains when brushing begin to fade and the shampoo gives an extra shine to your bathtub.

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