How to reuse used tea or coffee bags

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How to reuse used tea or coffee bags

Well, all those lovers of delicious tea or good coffee have good news because today we want to show you how to reuse used tea or coffee bags, especially if you like the culture of recycling.

Surely you will be surprised with all these ways to reuse used tea or coffee bags that you did not know, but these tips to reuse it can get you out of trouble.

Do not forget that there are non-toxic options when choosing the brand of your tea bags that are made with natural non-plastic materials. Choose natural instead of synthetic.

How to reuse used tea or coffee bags to improve our well-being:

• You may soothe your tired eyes thanks to reused tea bags. To do this, you just have to put those used tea bags in ice cold water and place them on your eyelids for about 5 to 10 minutes in the form of compresses. But the bags can also be applied warm. Chamomile ones are recommended.

• If what you want is to alleviate the tiredness of your feet, you will only have to make a new infusion with the used tea bag. Use the water to introduce your feet for 10 minutes, use two to three bags used. In addition to calming them down, the tea will help eliminate the bad smell.

Reusing used tea or coffee bags are perfect for nourishing the plants in our homes because they provide them with minerals. Even once you have made the tea you are going to drink, you can make a new infusion with the same tea bag you just used. Obviously, the result will be a very watery tea and not suitable for consumption, instead, it will be perfect to feed your plants.

Other options with tea or coffee bags used for plants:

  1. Mix the inside of the bags (wait until it is dry) and spread it among the soil.
  2. Place the bags at the bottom of the pot to act as drainage (remove the metal clip)
  3. Mix the inside of the tea or coffee bags together with small branches, dry leaves, skin of the fruits and vegetables that you have consumed, to improve the compost of your garden plants, obtaining an authentic organic fertilizer.

By reusing the tea bags, the compost will be rich in nitrogen, phosphoric acid, manganese and potassium. Coffee is also rich in potassium and nitrogen phosphates. With which both will be natural fertilizers for the soil of your plants.

You can use used coffee bags to keep flies, ants and slugs away. Sprinkle the grounds left over from used coffee bags around your garden plants. You will see the results!

How to reuse used tea or coffee bags for crafts:

reuse tea bags

Spend a fun afternoon at home and encourage the little ones to participate in this initiative as easy as it is to ink sheets of paper with used tea or coffee bags.

How to use the tea or coffee bags:

  • Bring the used tea or coffee bags back to a boil.
  • How to use:
  • Pour the resulting liquid into a tray.
  • Incorporate the sheets, which you must soak one by one in the liquid and then let them dry.
  • Result! Some beautiful pages in sepia tone.

How to reuse used tea or coffee bags in household cleaning:

Put the tea bags to soak again, and take advantage of the resulting water to clean the glass of your windows and mirrors with it. Then you will simply have to remove it with a dry cloth and you will see the difference.

Spread the contents of the bags on the floor or wooden furniture, and rub with a dry cloth. You will immediately notice the shine of the surface!

How to reuse used tea or coffee bags to eliminate bad odors from the home:

  1. Mixing the inside of used tea or coffee bags with cat litter.
  2. Placing some of these bags in the fridge inside a container with holes.
  3. Placing some of these bags inside the garbage can.
  4. Putting some of these tea or coffee bags inside the shoe rack.
  5. What tea absorbs odours, if you add a few drops of the essential oil that you like the most, the tea bags used can also be a perfect home air freshener.

Although there are remedies with tea bags that allow us to use them moist or warm, in the event that we have to mix their interior or incorporate the bag, it must be dry, since the humidity will attract bugs.

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