How to save a houseplant when its leaves turn yellow

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How to save a houseplant when its leaves turn yellow

One of the most common indoor plant problems is yellowing of leaves.

Causes of yellow leaves on houseplants

When the leaves of the plant do not have their usual color, it is because something interferes with the natural formation of chlorophyll, a green pigment essential for nutrition. In this case, the plant needs help, otherwise it can dry out and die.

The following tips can help you determine what is wrong with the plant and how to save it, as this depends on the cause of the problem.

Leaves can lose color due to insufficient watering and lack of drainage

The plants need water. However, soil that is too wet makes it difficult for the roots to get air, and over time they can stop providing nutrients to the leaves. The lack of sufficient moisture leads to a similar result.

To avoid excessive humidity, good drainage must be guaranteed. The condition of the soil can determine if irrigation is necessary. If it feels dry and light to the touch, give the plant a good watering. If the soil is still moist from the previous irrigation, it is better to wait a day or two, this will also depend on the needs of each particular plant, so it is important to know what each of our plants needs.

Soil pH can block nutrient intake

If the pH of the soil does not match the conditions necessary for the plant, the roots may not absorb nutrients, causing the leaves to turn yellow. This is a rare problem for houseplants and most often occurs on exotic plants.

Damage to the roots does not allow the plant to develop normally

Root rot and other diseases can occur for a number of reasons, but the main two are excessive watering and a pot that is too tight. Over time, these problems can cause serious damage to the plant.

During transplantation, you should carefully remove the plant with a clod of earth from the pot, taking care not to damage the roots. If they are whitish to yellow, the roots are healthy. Rotten roots are dark and smell like moldy water. You can try to save the plant by pruning out unhealthy roots and repotting it in a large pot of well-drained soil.

When you see a houseplant with dry, wilted leaves or dry roots, you should remain calm and know that the plant can be saved, as long as you can diagnose the cause of the problem that has led to its yellowing leaves; Surely the advice already exposed will serve for that purpose.

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