How to sweeten food so you don’t gain weight

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How to sweeten food so you dont gain weight

Artificial sweeteners can make you fat, even more so than if you weren’t on a diet, contrary to what they’re supposed to avoidthis type of supplements to sweeten meals can make those who consume them as part of their daily intake fat.

The benefits of sweetening meals with healthy foods

Consulting different opinions of nutritionists, it is clear to us that what we consider “healthy eating” today is not the same as it was a few years ago. And we don’t know what it will be like in the future, as research is constantly being done on foods, shedding new light on their properties or lack of them.

What we know at this point is that it is always more convenient to eat unprocessed foods: natural foods, any of them, maintain their properties in terms of vitamins, fibers, proteins, minerals. Also, they do not have chemical preservatives, which are bad for our health.

Refined sugar can make you fat

Refined sugars, for example, are not only fattening, but are also harmful to health and do not provide any nutrients. Refined sugar is obtained from cane or beet, through a chemical process by which the natural fibers and proteins of these foods are eliminated.

The effect produced by sugar is an increase in blood glucose, which causes a feeling of well-being. But the accumulation can bring various disorders, even without us noticing it and can cause you to gain weight in an unhealthy way.

Sweeten food in a healthy way

stevia to sweeten food

Replacing sugar with sweetener is not an option: sweeteners are synthetic, so they are, finally, as bad as or worse than sugar. But there are natural products that are not fattening and serve perfectly to sweeten, such as stevia or stevia, a plant native to America, which also helps lower triglycerides. You can also use pure honey, of course, which is not only natural but has many properties.

For cooking, there are also sugar substitutes, which will not make you fat, although you can only replace part of the amount of sugar indicated in the recipe.

*The following foods should be consumed in moderation, they will not necessarily make you lose weight, they are a natural substitute for sugar, but if they are consumed deliberately they can prevent you from losing weight.

  1. natural malt syrup (it only has 30% carbohydrates from sugar) it is used for cakes, sweets and cookies.
  2. residual molasses It can be used for preparations that take oven, and contains calcium, potassium, chromium and a large amount of iron.
  3. brown rice syrup can be used for cookies and puddings
  4. Dehydrated Stevia and ground: much sweeter than sugar, it is also used for cooking and has zero calories, you must be careful when choosing stevia, since it should not be refined and for your reference, its color should be greenish when it is natural stevia.
  5. coconut sugar, this is considered one of the best foods to replace sugar due to its many properties, it is rich in iron and magnesium, in addition to having enzymes that facilitate digestion. This is an alternative but it should not be consumed every day and it is better to do it in small amounts.
  6. datesThese have large amounts of fiber, which prevent the sugars contained in this and other foods from being absorbed, favoring the reduction of blood sugar.

There are many more natural sweeteners to replace sugar in your diet, and these will not only prevent you from gaining weight but will also provide a healthy contribution to your body preventing the damage that can be caused by the use of white sugar, which is known as sweet thief of life.

Writing: Lucid Life Team
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