How to wash the tiles in the bathroom, without streaks and so that they shine

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How to wash the tiles in the bathroom without streaks

The tiles are made of a material that is very resistant to wear, does not rot, making it ideal for decorating bathrooms and rooms where the humidity level is always high and temperature changes occur.

However, over time, plaque forms on the tile, dirt stains, and the grout between the tiles darkens and takes on an unsightly appearance.

Not only the tiles, the joints also stain and darken

Another problem that even careful owners face is the contamination of the joints between the individual elements of the floor. The base is constantly in contact with dirt, dust, various substances, it is wiped with a rag, and it is believed that all the work of mopping the floor is over.

However, the joints between tiles are usually always more difficult to clean. This is due to the structure of the grout that fills them. The fact is that it is a rather porous and rough material, in which various contaminants easily persist.

Also, joints can darken on their own over time. Unfortunately, this process cannot in fact be completely prevented, it can only be slightly stopped by taking preventive measures.

Tile seams can also be restored to their former beauty with the help of thorough cleaning.

How to clean the tiles without scratching them and leaving them shiny

The tile itself is easy to clean if the dirt is not old. The procedure does not require the use of expensive means, does not lead to large labor costs.

How to remove embedded dirt

Few people want to clean the tiles after the slightest contamination (in the kitchen, after each cooking). But the dirt dries, sticks, therefore it becomes difficult to remove it.

A good option to clean grease stains is a solution of vinegar and water (1:1). Avoid using a used dish sponge, as it will do more harm than good to the tiles.

How to clean dirty tiles without scratching them

  1. It’s best to do the hard work first: clean seams and corner joints, then mop the floor. To clean the joints, apply detergent to them, leave it for a few minutes.
  2. We clean the joints with a brush (for example, a toothbrush), we remove the remains of cleaning products with a cloth and, finally, we wash the entire surface of the floor.
  3. To clean the tiles, use a mild all-purpose cleaner diluted in water. Apply the solution to a small area of ​​the floor, leave it for a few minutes. While one area is soaking, work on another. Then go back to the first cleaned surface, wipe it down with a clean cloth. The floor will shine like new.
  4. To keep your tile clean and shiny, don’t forget to re-clean it as needed (in the kitchen, several times a week). Cleaning once a month is not enough. Buy a suitable mop to mop the floor. Keep it handy. Try to wash every stain that appears.

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