How to wave your hair with these homemade masks

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How to wave your hair with these homemade masks

Learn how to have more manageable, lively hair and shiny hair thanks to homemade masks that can make your hair wavy and prevent hair damage.

Women are never satisfied with the appearance of our hair, and although today we wake up wanting to look smooth, silky and shiny, tomorrow we prefer to wear it curly.

Straightening it is easy with the help of the dryer, and the iron, either at home or in the beauty salon, on the other hand, when you want to show off well-defined curls or waves, it is a little more difficult.

That is why in this article we show you several homemade secrets that we know and we want you to put into practice too.

Pay attention and take note of these masks that will make you look wavy and perfect hair.

Being able to show off beautiful hair with perfect curls or waves often seems to be an impossible job, and we must maintain special and rigorous care so that we can have beautiful and defined curls.

The devices that exist in the market to curl hair such as clips can be a good option to make our hair take on a different curly look, but what we do not know is that they damage and mistreat the hair a lot, making it look dry and damaged. There are a variety of tips that will help you show off wavy or curly hair without damaging it because they are totally natural.

That is why below we will show you several so that you can learn how to wave your hair with natural products.

Pineapple Mask

Pineapple is a fruit rich in a variety of properties and enzymes that help maintain thick, abundant hair with defined waves. Pineapple treatment gives hair shine and silkiness in no time, so you’ll get your desired curls in no time.

We take the shells of a pineapple, we put to boil in a liter of water. When it boils, add the pineapple shells and cook for five to eight minutes. We turn off the heat and let the infusion rest, then pass through the strainer, reserving only the liquid.

We moisten the hair before applying the treatment, then we apply the pineapple water directly on the scalp towards the ends, repeating the treatment three times a week. Remember that if you are exposed to the sun with the applied treatment, the hair can lighten a little.

Beer and Lemon

Beer and lemon are an ideal complement to achieve defined curls. We know that the smell of beer is strong, so at the end you should rinse your hair very well after finishing the treatment.

Boil a liter of water, when it is boiling add the juice of half a lemon and a beer. Let cook for three minutes over medium heat, then remove from heat and let rest.

We put the mixture in a bottle that has a sprayer and apply directly to the hair.

It is important to remember that while you have the mixture applied to your hair you cannot apply any type of heat, or expose yourself to the sun, because if you do so, instead of achieving improvement in your hair, you will only be able to damage it.

Egg and Cucumber

Keep in mind that this treatment is not to curl or wave the hair, but it is ideal for getting defined curlsmore hydrated, with more volume, and less frizz.

Cucumber helps to have shiny, silky and well-cared hair, since it has water and vitamins. While the egg provides better definition when styling.

We blend a cucumber until we see that a kind of puree is formed and mix it with a beaten egg. We add coconut oil and beat everything so that everything is compact, it can be by hand or with a mixer.

We apply the treatment from the middle to the ends and let it act so that it penetrates each hair strand. We use a brush to help us apply it throughout the hair. Let act for twenty minutes and rinse.

egg and oil

Egg and oil masks are ideal for detangle damaged hairoo very frizzy hair and turn it into manageable hair with beautiful curls. To make this mask, beat an egg in a bowl, add a tablespoon of oil and beat well.

Apply it all over your hair. We let it act for twenty minutes and then we remove it with abundant shampoo and rinse very well.

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