How we keep flowers in a vase for more days

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How we keep flowers in a vase for more days

Why do the flowers in the vase wither quickly and how can we keep them longer? In this article we will explain how we can keep fresh flowers in a vase for longer.

A beautiful and practical way to bring the color and fragrance of flowers into our home is to decorate our favorite flowers in a decorative vase or pot. Who doesn’t want to have flowers in bloom all year long and enjoy them every day at home or in the office?

From roses and carnations, to azaleas, chrysanthemums and tulips, the selection of plants with wonderful vase flowers will cover all occasions with rich colors and unique compositions.

And although while the flowers grow and bloom in our garden we take care of them so that they have the best aesthetic effect, sometimes when we cut them and place them in a pot they wither quickly and lose their freshness.

Let’s see what steps we follow for the best conservation of flowers and How can we keep flowers in a vase for a longer time?to be able to enjoy them more and enjoy them full of color and vitality.

How can we preserve the freshness of flowers in a vase for longer?

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For the proper conservation of vase flowers, it is important to collect them at the right time and provide them with a clean environment so that they last longer.

Bacteria buildup inside the vase is the main reason flowers wilt quickly, so make sure you prepare the flowers correctly, change the water frequently, and clean the vase.

1. Pick the flowers early in the morning

The best time to cut the flowers is early in the morning, since at this time they are fresher, fresher and have a rich aroma. During the process of harvesting the flowers, we keep them in a container with water so that our flowers come into contact with the air as little as possible.

2. Remove wilted leaves and flowers

To limit the presence of bacteria in the water, we carefully remove the lower leaves of the shoots so that they do not come into contact with the water in the vase, as well as the withered flowers so that they do not fall into the water and cause rotting.

3. Clean the jar

Flowers need a clean environment for their maintenance. Before placing the water, we clean our pot with a little bleach to disinfect it from fungi and germs.

4. Cut the stems diagonally

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To help the flowers retain their freshness longer, we cut their stems diagonally at the base. In this way they absorb water better and when we put them in the pot they will not touch the bottom surface.

5. Place the vase with the flowers in a cool place

We choose a bright place for our pot and make sure that the sun does not focus directly on the flowers. We keep the vase away from radiators, fireplaces, air conditioning or other sources of heat, as well as drafts, because they wither faster.

6. Cool the water, cut the stems and clean the pitcher

Be sure to change the water in the jar every 2-3 days when it starts to get cloudy. After cleaning it of residues, we cut the flowers one centimeter above the previous cut so that they better absorb the water and we put them back in the vase.

A secret to keep flowers in a vase

To enhance the vitality and freshness of the flowers, we can add half aspirin or a few drops of lemon to the water along with half a teaspoon of sugar. In this way, we significantly help to keep the flowers blooming in the vase for a longer period of time.

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