I thank the people who left my life

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los que se fueron de mi vida

If life has taught me anything, it is that people leave no matter how much they promise to stay. And they are the ones you least expect to leave. No matter how many times they say they will be here for you.

The ones who swore they would never hurt you are the ones who end up hurting you the most. As someone who saw multiple people walk out of his life, I was always quick to blame myself when someone walked out of my life.

These people made me angry, they made me bitter. However, little by little I began to realize that beyond everything that is happening, I must be thankful for those who left because they are the reason I am who I am today.

I firmly believe that people come into our lives for a reason. Whether this is a blessing or a lesson, even the people who leave show that there is a reason for this. I was taught that those who come into our lives are not meant to stay.

They allowed me to see that the people who are meant to stay in our lives will never leave. Those who leave make room for those who stay. For the people who deserve it. That’s why I thank those who leave, because they show me that they should never have been part of my life.

Being grateful for the lessons does not mean worshiping them

Thank you for leaving because you gave me the opportunity to be everything I said I couldn’t be. I forced myself to grow, even if you made me feel like I wasn’t enough, that I needed to be more. Thank you, because now I see myself with pride, believing that I am finally enough.

Thank you for leaving, because in a sense your leaving forced me to find myself. I finally found the strength to make my own decisions without being overwhelmed by their criticism. The criticism that I once considered constructive, when reality disappointed me.

Thank you for leaving, for showing me that I don’t need a one-sided kind of love in my life. That there are people in this world who just want to be loved on their own terms, only under their own control. That they only continue to love us as long as we want to please them, because sometimes no matter what we do for someone, it’s never enough for them.

That’s why you walked out of my life, I’m here to show you that I deserve better. I deserve someone who will do the same for me when I do my best for them. I’m here and I put my happiness first. I will not let the pain you have caused me make me bitter or create feelings of malice in me.

Trust me when I say that karma is waiting around the corner for all of us, especially those who don’t. So for those who have left my life, I am here and I forgive them, but they are not welcome back.

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