If you do this you will look older than you are

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If you do this you will look older than you

There are multiple factors and errors that make us older. Sometimes a poorly thought out detail is enough to spoil the whole image. And often the mistakes are so big and conspicuous that we completely lose our appeal, literally growing old before our eyes.

This makes you look older

One of the main mistakes that make us look older than we really are is the way we dress and the hairstyle we choose, however, there are also other things we do wrong, and this article will deal with them. resume.

1. Oversized clothing

Yes, exactly, very fashionable today; however, those comfortable free-cut things can make you look up to ten years older. These types of garments increase volume, and the extra volume automatically adds age. You should be especially careful when choosing loose clothing if:

  • You have a small stature (less than 165 cm),
  • Short neck,
  • wide shoulders,
  • big breasts,
  • there are already extra pounds, and they are clearly visible.

2. Eyeshadow in shades of blue

This is perhaps the most capricious and insidious color in makeup. It can be very disadvantageous, since it tends to emphasize the flaws of the face, especially mature skin. Contrary to popular belief, it does not always suit blue-eyed women, especially blondes.

And for women of mature age, it is better to completely abandon this color in makeup. Especially if it comes to saturated shades with mother-of-pearl.

3. Badly applied blush

Everyone has long learned that blush should be applied to the most prominent part of the cheekbones. But with age, the muscles lose their tone, swelling appears somewhere, the skin is no longer so smooth.

For all this, the face is no longer the same, therefore, over time, it is better to apply the blush slightly under the eye area.

4. Too thin or plucked eyebrows

The fashion for brow threads is long gone, and those tricks that keep plucking them out the old-fashioned way also look outdated. It is better to stock up on oils and care products that will allow you to get beautiful thick eyebrows after a while.

5. Too much foundation

As women get older, they tend to use foundation and other concealers more and more, but this is a very bad strategy. Minor flaws can still be masked with powder, foundation or concealer.

But noticeable age-related changes cannot be hidden under a thick layer of cream. Also, the thicker and denser the base layer, the more pronounced the wrinkles will be, even on a young face. Not to mention the fact that the abundance of cosmetics turns the face into a mask.

6. Chronic sleep deprivation

Lack of sleep, which happens rarely, is not the one that can affect the condition of the skin, but chronic sleep deprivation can lead to serious health problems and reflect on our face.

The hormone melatonin, which is produced only during sleep (and in complete darkness!), regulates many processes in the body. In particular, the mechanisms that are responsible for metabolism, cell renewal and, ultimately, for beauty and health. Try to improve your sleep hygiene.

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