If you feel depressed repeat these phrases and you will see the difference

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If you feel depressed repeat these phrases and you will

Before depression medications like Xanax and Prozac were introduced and became the norm for depression treatment, people relied on phrases or mantras to help calm their system and relieve anxiety. Yes you feel depressed repeat these 12 phrases and you will see the light.

The practice of repeating phrases until you feel better has been done for centuries among those who believe in various faith traditions. These phrases are like hymns and chants that implore spiritual and psychological healing, but you can still use these phrases to repeat quietly as a remedy for when you feel depressed.

“Don’t worry about your past mistakes and failures as this will only fill your mind with pain, regret and depression. Do not repeat them in the future. – Swami Sivananda

12 phrases to repeat if you feel depressed

1. I am strong

It is a mistake to think that only the weak and needy suffer from depression. It is also a myth that those who ask for help are actually the weakest because they depend on someone else.

On the contrary, many depressed people who ask for help show self-awareness, and that is a sign of strength. It shows that they want to change their situation.

2. I will get better

Depression triggers hopelessness. Saying these words over and over promotes positive thoughts despite your stormy emotional state. The reality is that it will get better eventually because the dark clouds hanging over you won’t be there forever.

3. I’m still breathing

Vietnamese Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh believes in mindful breathing and shared a similar phrase in his book “You Are Here.” The practice of concentrating on the breaths you take while chanting this phrase helps the mind unite with the body, thus bringing a sense of calm.

4. Let it go

There is much wisdom in the famous words of Elsa, Disney’s animated character from “Frozen.” If you find yourself in a obsessive state of anxiety, where you worry about things that haven’t happened or probably won’t happen or conflicts that may arise, just say these three words over and over again.

5. Don’t be afraid

This phrase, and its variation, “Fear not,” is repeated over a hundred times in the scriptures. Many people, including the non-religious, find comfort in it. There seems to be a healing power in meditating on the words of a Higher Being and repeating the phrase could calm anxieties. While the fear is still there, saying the phrase gives you control over it.

6. There is no danger

Depression can trigger thoughts and feelings that could make you feel like your life is under threat. Saying these words repeatedly should calm your thoughts and open your eyes to the reality that danger is on your mind. This phrase goes hand in hand with: “Do not be afraid. »

7. I have inner peace

“Om Shanti Om” means inner peace and is the simplest mantra that Tibetan monks usually chant. Invite inner peace into your mind and body to relieve depression and your physical symptoms. You will begin to feel your tight chest loosen by repeating to yourself that you have inner peace. if you feel downDon’t stop saying this phrase.

8. My thoughts, words and actions contribute to my happiness and freedom

This phrase encourages a life of positivity, compassion, and empathy. It implies a person living as a servant of life and being in harmony with other beings, including nature and the environment. It has its roots in the principles of Jivamukti Yoga, which shows the path to enlightenment.

9. One day this pain will make sense

People who have not experienced sadness or pain are not interesting because there is no depth or growth in them. Although it seems that life is full of misfortune now and is causing a wave of depression in you, rest assured that one day you will see the purpose of your pain. By repeating the phrase over and over again, you will find your strength, endurance, and maturity.

10. I need to be kind to myself in my suffering

Kristin Neff in her book “Self-Compassion” had a similar mantra for managing negative emotions. She said it’s important to acknowledge your pain and suffering, so you can treat yourself compassionately in times of difficulty.

Follow the same advice as the famous teacher Pema Chödrön in the book “When things fall apart”, where she instructs followers to face their problems, not run from them. Feeling depressed should help you see what is vital to your life and should fuel your drive to get over it. After all, life is about surviving.

11. One step at a time

Depression can increase because you feel a loss of control over a situation that is causing stress. This phrase helps you remind yourself to beat that feeling of depression slowly but surely. When life gets you down, your best option is to take a moment to help reduce the weight of your burden. One day, nothing will stop you.

12. Confidence in the process

Obstacles are a part of life, but depression sometimes leads you to ask questions like “Why me?” Or “Why does this keep happening to me?” Or “Why is my life so challenging?” It’s hard to see the right path clearly during your most difficult times, but with this phrase, you can condition your mind to see obstacles as part of a learning opportunity. They are not there to make you a victim. You have to trust the process.

final thoughts

Depression can be paralyzing, but it’s an emotion you can help control with positive thinking. The choice is yours: you can let this pain stop you or let this feeling enlighten you. Hopefully one of these suggested phrases will help you find peace.

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