If you want to attract good energy around you, you must do this

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If you want to attract good energy around you you

What if you become the energy you want to attract in life? If you like attract good energy in your life you must begin to change the things you do. Starting to do them in a different way, also thinking about them in a different way, will make you begin to see the fruits of that new paradigm that you want in your life for good.

There are movers and shakers in this world who know how to make things work for them. Imagine using that same energy that great iconic minds have used. The only thing that divides successful lives from mediocre ones is the ability to attract positive energy.

10 ways you can attract good energy into your life

Regardless of who you are or your circumstances, this power is available to everyone. You don’t need a genie in a lamp or a magic spell to create your destiny. Life has unlimited resources that are at your disposal.

1. Think that you know it, instead of that you believe it

These two words are related, but they are not synonyms. From an early age, your parents or guardians shared their belief system with you, as it was related to their culture and faith. You began to believe that certain things are true and false, according to your upbringing.

It is possible to believe something, but not honestly know it. You may think you can climb a mountain, but it doesn’t materialize until you actually climb that mountain. For attracting that good energy comes from knowingnot just believe.

Instead of saying, “I think I’m successful” or “I think I’m a writer,” change the word to, I know. Turn your affirmations into powerful affirmations when you do it instead of contemplating it. These affirmations connect you with the strongest energy that will make it happen.

2. Think “I am” instead of “I will be”

One of the most powerful affirmations is the, “I am”. In certain traditions the “Almighty” has been identified as “I AM”.

Many people who are just learning about the power of attraction They put their statements in the future tense. “I will be a teacher” or “One day, I will travel to Africa to help establish new schools”. When you say an affirmation in the future tense, your wishes are more likely to remain there indefinitely.

Strengthen your declarations for now, even if they have not yet been fulfilled. “I’m a teacher.” I am traveling to Africa. As your words resonate with truth, the energy you seek begins to build and brings your statement to fruition.

Being present in the moment is a vital energy tool to turn your dreams into reality.

3. Affirm positively not negatively

When you realize how the power of attraction works, you can understand the pitfalls and what is missing in your life. Have you ever thought that you had perpetual bad luck or were cursed? Have you ever wondered why the things you want you don’t have, but others seemed to fulfill your needs on a silver platter?

The energy is impartial as to who receives what gifts. When you make negative statements like “I’ll never get the job I want” or “I’ll never have enough money,” your words carry energy.

The energy kind of listens, and you will attract exactly what you have affirmed. It’s simple: that’s what you think, that’s your perception, that’s what you’re prepared to see.

We all have the potential to live abundantly, regardless of our situation in life. As you eliminate negativity in your thought processes, you create positive energy that will match what you think.

4. If you want to attract good energy, create an affirmation journal

Journaling is an excellent tool for self-reflection and accountability. How can you attract blessings without knowing what you want? Compare your desires to make a list of the things you need before you go to the supermarket.

Buy or create a diary and customize it however you want. Use it to write down your heart’s needs and desires, and then turn your passions into positive affirmations. Feel free to draw, doodle, or paste images in your journal to help you visualize your agreement with the energy of creation.

Set the rules for how your journal is written, and you don’t need to feel obligated to share it with anyone unless you want to. As you see your thought energy and goals aligning with reality, write it down. Let your journal help you set goals that you will achieve.

5. Meet with like minds

Have you ever been feeling cheerful in the morning and had the misfortune to overhear a co-worker’s negative talk? Afterward, you probably lost your energy and felt just as miserable. Why did this happen to you? You were drawn into a negative vortex where those energies coincided with your affirmation.

As much as possible, choose the company of positive and encouraging people. When you send positive affirmations with another person, the attraction is doubled. It’s no wonder that spiritual people often gather in groups to pray, meditate, and “agree” on a matter.

Is there someone in your life whom you admire? Perhaps it is a person who radiates a charisma that you cannot explain. No doubt he or she has discovered the power of attraction and could be an inspiring mentor.

Find quality books and articles online on how to attract good energy. Since knowledge is power, it will increase your confidence. Take what rings true for you and forget what doesn’t.

6. You must give energy to receive it

Perhaps no principle of attraction has been more misunderstood than “You must give to receive.” This adage was never intended to be a devious tool of religious charlatans to extort money from their gullible followers. Giving and receiving transcends monetary value.

You may know it as karma or the law of sowing and reaping. When you give yourself to others, the energy echoes your positive actions in kind. People like Mother Teresa and Dr. Martin Luther King understood the value of giving and made a difference in their world.

7. Start small

One of the most difficult things for people to understand is spirituality. To build your confidence and knowledge of the power to attract good energystart with simple affirmations.

For example, think of a friend or family member you haven’t talked to in a long time. Visualize this person in your mind and see yourself talking to him or her. Don’t be surprised when you receive an unexpected call from this person.

You can start with simple things like visualizing the best place to park. It could be a good start to surprise yourself with how functional visualizations and affirmations are.

8. Try meditation

When you combine meditation with visualization, there are often better results. It’s the best way to define what you want, and you can turn your visions into positive affirmations. Numerous scientific studies suggest a correlation between mediation and health benefits.

Find a quiet place and close your eyes for a few moments. Use this time to connect with your mind and better thoughts. Even if you can only meditate for ten to fifteen minutes a day, you will see a difference. Your statements will become a part of you and you will attract the things you want.

9. Decide what is true for you

Personal affirmations are as different as the people who make them. It is not easy to break free from a belief system that no longer serves your highest purpose. For your affirmations to come to life, you must decide what is true for you and discard the rest.

Have you ever noticed how some of your beliefs are in accordance with your spirit, and soon you know that they are true? It is because your inner power established these truths in the eternal past, and you are one with it. When you are in tune with your inner power, miracles happen.

10. Practice gratitude every day

Nothing opens your life for more abundance than gratitude. A wise person once asked how we would feel if the only things we had today were the things we were thankful for yesterday. How long has it been since you’ve honestly taken the time to count your blessings?

Life magnifies your blessings when you send positive affirmations with wings of gratitude. It’s impossible to be positive and ready to receive when you can’t be happy with what you already have in life. Consider using a section of your affirmation journal to list the things you are grateful for.

Did you know that many people suffer from anxiety and other mental disorders because they live in a negative realm? As you assimilate these suggestions into your daily life, and become aware of them as merits, the results can inspire you to delve deeper into the vast reservoirs of good energy.

You can attract health, wealth, peace and joy which is your eternal inheritance.

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