Increase the size of your lips using makeup like this

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Increase the size of your lips using makeup like this

Learn how to increase the size of your lips by following these makeup tricks that you can put into practice without much knowledge and that can be done at home.

Many women want to have slightly fuller lips without having to undergo uncomfortable and possibly painful surgery. For this, there are other alternatives that can make your lips look more alive and fuller. If you are included in this group, then we recommend that you read the following tips.

Tips for fuller lips

Achieving attractive lips is not complicated if you learn to increase them with homemade tips and play with makeup. One of the main elements that we probably do not consider is that the lips should always be moisturized and protected.

Their skin is very delicate and we must always be taking care that they do not dry out or crack. Using products to keep them healthy and hydrated will make your lips look more beautiful and alive. You can use lip balms or cocoa butter or the following home remedy:

Take a little bit of honey and place it on your lips creating a thin layer, and let it act for a minute. Then rinse it with plenty of cold water.
Exfoliating the lips is also important, especially when applying makeup, as this draws blood into the lips and makes them appear plumper. Before applying your lipstick perform the following steps:

Take your toothbrush and put a little bit of toothpaste on it. Rub the brush gently on the lips and clean with plenty of water, you will see that the effect is immediate and your lips will be ready to look stunning.

With a sponge moistened in cold water you can make a few small touches on the lips. You can also do it with an ice cube.

Makeup for full lips

Learning to put on makeup is a universe that can open the doors to many women who want to attenuate various parts of their face, especially their lips.

Lip makeup is very important if you want to show off a defined and attractive mouth when you go out, there are also many products in the world of makeup that increase the volume of the lips for a period of time. We recommend several tricks with makeup that will help you.

Line your lips: One thing that’s all the rage right now is full lips, and many lip paints now include color liners. If not, you can look for a similar one, or if you want to make it a little more striking, combine colors that are harmonious.

With the liner you are going to outline the contour of your lips, giving more shape to your natural figure, with a white shadow and a fine brush, blur the center of the lower lip a little to make it look bigger.

Use colors: don’t be afraid to be a little bold with lipsticks. Red or brown colors give more life to the lips, as they make them look thicker, they accentuate the lips more and with a liner a little darker than the real color you can achieve a perfect contour and display attractive lips for an outing. at night. Dare with colors!

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