Is the sun an enemy or an ally of the baby’s skin?

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Is the sun an enemy or an ally of the

There is a dilemma about the sun and its effects on the baby’s skin. That is why we should always take preventive measures and consult a doctor. Experts say that, with measure, the sun is a great ally for a child; however, if exposed indiscriminately and without due care, it can become an enemy.

Why is the sun an ally for babies?

It is advisable do not expose the baby’s skin directly to the sunas it can cause burns. These, although they may seem imperceptible, cause terrible discomfort and even very harmful injuries to the child.

Experts suggest giving the baby «sunbaths«, which are controlled exposures at an appropriate time, for a calculated time and in adequate conditions for their proper use.

Sunlight is far from an enemy of your little one’s skin if the exposure happens correctly.

The so-called “sunbaths” have been, since the beginning of time, a tool to cure and prevent some diseases, since the sun is a natural source of vitamin D that helps the body absorb minerals that favor the development of bones and teeth.

The sun also helps strengthen the immune system and helps revitalize the digestive system. In addition, it produces positive effects on the central nervous system and the muscles of the body.

It is known that a bit of daily sunlight can help relieve a common cold; In addition, it contributes to the cure of other diseases, such as tuberculosis, rickets and the prevention of jaundice.

How to take a “sunbath” correctly with your baby

Do not expose the child directly to ultraviolet rays. The reception of the sun must occur in a place in the house where there is no wind currentand in which light enters through a window.

With clothes

When the baby receives the sunlight bath, he should be scantily clad. The ideal is to cover her genitals, so you can leave her diaper.

Prepare a chair, table, or safe place for him to receive the bath.

Take care of the eyes. Do not let the sun’s rays reach the baby’s eyes directly. Ideally, cover your eyes with a cloth or towel.

the best schedule

The perfect time for your little one to sunbathe is before ten in the morning and after five in the afternoon. At these times, the rays are not harmful to the skin. Exhibithion time.

It is recommended to do a bathing routine that does not take more than ten minutes per day. Exposing the baby for longer can cause skin irritations and complications. Five minutes on your back, and five minutes on your back, are more than enough.

ambient temperature

If there is excessive heat or strong winds, keep your baby out of the sun to prevent suffocation or catching a cold.

If you are on the beach, or in places where the sun’s rays are very strong, it is essential to protect your little one with an umbrella.

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