It’s better to be alone than with the wrong person

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Its better to be alone than with the wrong person

Loneliness is a difficult thing. It takes boldness and courage to be alone, because we fear our loneliness. We are mobilized by deep emotions, inner fears.

“…Better to be alone…than with the wrong person. You may wake up alone again tomorrow morning. You may not have slept in a hug at night, but pity those who wake up and do not know where they are.

Alkyoni Papadakis

The fear of loneliness and occupying it with anyone

Fears of abandonment, fears of loneliness, fears of rejection. Fears about our public image and about things and moments that we fear not living. We are afraid of not finding someone who loves us, we are afraid of not making it, and often we choose the wrong person.

The wrong person, the wrong relationship, that we try to save by doing everything possible, that we try to stay, that we pretend not to see the problems. And many times we come face to face with ourselves, because the truth is that we can fool the whole world, but not ourselves.

So the wrong person, the wrong relationship, which eventually becomes a vicious cycle of thoughts and feelings, a vicious cycle of mistakes, a vicious cycle of wrong choices and wrong roles.

Do not accept loneliness and keep insisting in the wrong direction

Roles that we often accept because we don’t want to let the relationship end, perhaps because we don’t want to or can’t admit that it was a wrong choice. The consequences of these vicious circles are often evident in the image we have of ourselves, our self-confidence, our personality, the development of fears and anxieties about the future.

Better to be alone than with the wrong person, Alkyoni Papadakis wisely said. Pity those who wake up and don’t know where they are. Difficult decision to leave. Especially when you have been in the relationship for years or when there are inhibiting factors.

But always remember that when you are in the wrong relationship, you will wake up and feel more alone. You will speak and you will feel that nobody really listens to you, nobody understands you. Perhaps because you yourself, yourself do not listen to your true needs.

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