Japanese discipline to prevent your children from being lazy

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Japanese discipline to prevent your children from being lazy

In Japan, discipline is key to achieving goals and success, which is why Japanese children are taught from an early age to have responsibilities and to fulfill them without excuses.

In addition, Japanese children are instilled with responsibility, empathy, duty, and parental guidance.

Here are some tips on Japanese discipline so that your children are not lazy.

Routine and habits of Japanese discipline

It contemplates the accomplishment of tasks in a schedule and established time, these tasks are selected and assigned by their parents. For example, Japanese children are encouraged to make their beds, take out the garbage, help clean the house and carry out a project according to their age, among other activities, on a daily basis, at the same time and with a previously established duration. .

The keys to making homework a habit for Japanese children is perseverance and responsibility.

Explain why homework is important

Parents not only set chores and duties for their children, but also explain why fulfilling or doing them is important and of great value. For example, sweeping to keep the house clean and in order, taking out the rubbish to prevent the accumulation of rubbish in the house and the arrival of insects or animals through organic waste, etc.

timely recognition

When Japanese children fulfill their tasks and responsibilities, parents give them timely recognition, with the aim of strengthening their self-esteem and motivating them to continue fulfilling their duties and being disciplined.

Avoid negative comments

Parents of Japanese children encourage their children to be disciplined and complete their tasks in a timely manner, but if a certain task does not go well, they teach them how to achieve it without scolding them or showing their “mistakes”, as this could demotivate them and affect their performance. self esteem.

Far from popular belief, Japanese discipline is based on many principles of respectful parenting.

taught by example

Japanese parents know perfectly well that the best way to teach their children to be responsible is precisely by example. Japanese children learn to be disciplined and consistent with the example and guidance of their parents.

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