Jeffrey Dahmer’s father to sue Netflix for romanticizing his son’s murders

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Jeffrey Dahmers father to sue Netflix for romanticizing his sons

The father of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is considering suing Netflix over two of its hit series about its infamous son. Lionel Dahmer, 86, is upset that he was never contacted about the popular series ‘DAHMER – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘.

The story of the serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer is back in the spotlight after three decades thanks to the series ‘Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story’, which racked up record views on the Netflix service, just behind Season 4 of Stranger Things.

A new report from the NY Post and the US Sun says that Lionel Dahmer, the father of the serial killer, is considering suing Netflix over the situation that recreated the series “Dahmer”. Lionel Dahmer, now 86, is upset with the publicity they have received again for his son’s actions.

He even states that he is upset that Netflix never asked for permission to use the recordings, which his son’s legal team had in their possession, in the other docu-series on the same subject, titled “Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes“, recently launched.

Dahmer’s father has been living in rural Ohio for the past several years and has refused to speak publicly since the series aired. He appears to be mentally shattered as “fans” of his son have begun reappearing on his property, according to the report.

Jeffrey Dahmer's father in the series

In fact, his assistant, who only wants to be identified as Jeb, told the Sun that Lionel Dahmer decided to arm himself to defend himself against the sudden frenzy. He even claimed that “from all that I have personally seen and witnessed, Lionel has not contacted any of these Netflix shows.”

He went on to say: “I’ve personally spoken to a few lawyers and we’ve spoken to their publisher about this because of all the chaos and stories we’ve seen. Lionel and his attorney are gathering information and considering a possible lawsuit against the production team or possibly Netflix. There was absolutely no concern for Lionel’s well-being “.

In 1994, the father of the cannibalistic serial killer had published a book titled “A Father’s Story” where he recounted his version of events, just a few months before Jeffrey Dahmer was murdered by his fellow prisoner. For the record, we must mention that Lionel Dahmer, in the series, is played by Richard Jenkins.

Jeb’s assistant weighed in, saying, “Lionel was a very loving father. He was just trying to do the best he could in a time of uncertainty. He doesn’t think any of this should happen, all the information he needs to be in public is in his book. The rest is just embellishment and attention to detail that are not proven facts.. When I asked Lionel what he wanted me to tell the world, he said: “Everything I have to say is in my book, that’s all.”

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