Latest fashion in winter jackets

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Latest fashion in winter jackets

Men’s winter jackets in 2021 have not had as many changes compared to women’s jackets. Designers have spared no time in designing interesting models of men’s winter jackets, since the classic style prevails.

Expectations have been fired up again before the eminent announcements that the big fashion houses will make, in reference to what will be the trend that will set the pace in the approaching winter. This year, like the previous ones, many people are waiting for such a long-awaited moment, although the jackets may not be very affected by the change in look.

Jackets for men that are trending

What happens with winter, something that does not happen with summer, is that it becomes propitious so that at any moment; have the opportunity to be able get noticed by your clothesfor the simple reason that you need to use a greater number of combinations, regardless of the jacket you are going to wear.


Now, we are not just talking about wearing a certain shirt or pants: We are referring specifically to the different proposals of the coats that you can wear and among them the jacket will surely stand out.

Winter jackets for all tastes

This beautiful garment will always be noted for the versatility it offers, as it can be accompanied by other garments, such as a scarf or even a pair of gloves; that will complement a winter look truly spectacular.

Next, you can choose which one best suits your tastes and preferences:

The bomber-style winter jacket that will rock this winter


This is a type of jacket that you have most certainly worn before on one or another occasion. As you will surely remember, in the 90s they swept everything away and since then they seem to be always present; in almost all the best men’s fashion proposals.

For this year, you should prepare for a new incursion of the “bomber” jacket; which is now renewed and available in different tones or, even, in the most diverse combinations of colors and styles. Regardless of the model you choose, do not miss the opportunity to show it off this winter.

J. Crew jacket in mustard

Once again the style of this jacket is present this season, this time moving away from the already traditional shades of blue or black with which we were accustomed and which continue to recur year after year.


On this occasion, it bursts in with a tone that will surely prevail in people’s tastes, since the mustard tone is the card up the sleeve of the different designers of the most acclaimed fashion houses.

Surely you will be able to appreciate it not only in blazers or dress jackets, but it will also make its presentation in jackets such as those made of leather or imitation leather; the ones that will continue to be worn for other seasons.

Blazer by Tom Ford

We are used to seeing the use of floral patterns in garments aimed at the attention of the female public. This season, its use is gaining strength in some of the most appreciated men’s garments; as is the jacket.

If you are looking for a jacket or a blazer with which to innovate in the coming season, do not hesitate to take the risk and dare to bet on printed flower designs; that we are sure they will set a trend.

As it is not very common to see this print on men’s clothing, we suggest you combine it with skin-tight jeans or dress pants in light tones such as white.

Zara winter jackets for men

This select Spanish brand is one of those belonging to the Inditex group, which also owns the Pull & Bear and Stradivarius brands. This season, he has decided to go all out in the men’s clothing market.

The best winter jackets for men

With that intention, it has been carrying out an important advertising campaign based on the presentation of three different styles of jackets:

Point’s jacket:

It is one of the strongholds of this collection, offering a gray color that gives the wearer a serious look and has the particularity of being a jacket that never loses its charm.

Leather jacket:

This bad boy style is a classic that never goes out of style as it is an icon of masculinity and elegance.

Military style jacket:

In recent years, the military style in everyday clothing has become more and more frequent; and everything seems to indicate that this trend will continue.

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