Learn how to decorate the living room with these professional ideas

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Learn how to decorate the living room with these professional

Learn with these tips how to decorate the living room with modern and conservative ideas that highlight your personality and give comfort to your visitors.

The living room is one of the most loved areas in the house, as it is the reception area for guests and friends and the resting place for family members after a long day. It is the first space we encounter when we enter a house, and it must satisfy the aesthetics of family members and create beautiful feelings.

Ideas to decorate the living room

Here are some timeless ideas to decorate the living room combined with modern trends that will be imposed this year.

modern decoration

Modern decoration for the living room

Modern decoration is characterized by curved furniture, as well as the use of different materials and special lighting.

The geometry of the design combines squares, rectangles, circles and cubes for a balanced effect that suggests harmony and freedom of form. It would be good to choose furniture that is not tall, with discreet lines and with legs that are not visible.

Use natural materials (unpainted wood, metal, leather, natural fibers) to decorate the space and keep the windows clear. Choose neutral colors or colors inspired by nature: white, cream, beige, brown, shades of gray and green-blue.

2. Scandinavian decoration

scandinavian decor

The Scandinavian style of decoration represents the feeling of comfort and relaxation. Scandinavian-style houses exude calm, elegance and warmth. This style of decoration can be great in small spaces that only need the essentials, but also in large spaces.

The Scandinavian decoration style is based on the simplicity and functionality of the living room. To achieve this, simply combine many different textures, light colored walls and furniture with storage areas, the main colors that dominate are white, light gray, light blue and light green.

The furniture moves in pale tones and simple lines. In most Scandinavian-style homes, wooden floors predominate and the decoration of the space is framed by elaborate rugs.

3. Bohemian decoration

Bohemian decoration for the living room

Living room decoration in boho style differs from the rest and is aimed at more “free” spirits. Create a boho living room with large cushions, colorful throws, and boho rugs.

Use a low coffee table so that it facilitates contact with the earth whether you have sofas or if you only have cushions. Produce soft lighting, use natural materials, faux fur, lots of houseplants, and nature-themed paints.

4. Decorate the living room minimalist style

minimalist room

An abstract decorating style doesn’t mean you won’t add any accessories. On the contrary, if they are chosen correctly, they will literally make a difference. For example, you can place a large table. Even better is a large mirror (with simple lines) that will give depth and light to the space.

You can also give it an interesting decorative touch with some plants. Succulents and cacti are the dose of green you need. In fact, modern and utilitarian furniture made of leather or natural wood is better suited to minimalist home decor.

Choose geometric designs here too and move along those lines. Also, it would be nice to prefer low furniture, which will make the living room look even bigger.

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