Learn to make bouquets of paper flowers

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Learn to make bouquets of paper flowers

The making paper flowers It is one of the crafts that have more followers globally. This is an activity that gives whoever is doing it, moments of peace and relaxation while embarking on this task.

Crepe paper, or pinocchio paper, as it is also known in the world of crafts, is a material that has always been used to make the most diverse crafts.

It was enough to make small colored balls, and it was already possible to obtain a quite original drawing. Now we are going to be able to show that it can also be used to make other types of crafts, much more beautiful and striking:

Of all the wide range of materials that exist to make flowers, crepe paper is the one that enjoys the greatest acceptance among fans of this art; motivated because it has the property of presenting a certain rough and rough texture to the touch.

Due to this quality, it can be folded and manipulated with great simplicity; but finally adopting a somewhat rigid shape and consistency. So it is ideal for making bouquets of flowers made with paper.

For this reason, flowers made of this material are highly admired; that make them perceive very beautiful, with slender shapes and a notorious volume.

Next, two different models for making crepe paper flowers will be described; that when joined in a set will create the vision of a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

1.- Simple bouquet of crepe paper flowers

So that you begin to familiarize yourself with the texture of this material, we have chosen to show you a flower that is very simple to make; but no less colorful and spectacular for that.

At the end of its elaboration, surely you will want to elaborate many more with which, when grouping them, you will obtain a wonderful bouquet.

Material you will need

  • A pair of scissors.
  • 2 sheets of crepe paper in two different colors of your choice.
  • Hot glue.
  • Wooden sticks.
  • A little tape.

Step-by-step preparation

Step #1: To start, select 1 sheet of paper of the color of your choice and proceed to cut the figure of three identical rhombuses. Next, cut out 3 small rectangles from the paper of the other color.

The rhombuses of the first will be the petals of the rose, while the rectangles of the second will form the pistils of the flower.

Step #2: Now take all the rhombuses and press them in the middle, turning it around so that it is divided (but not separated) into two sections.

Step #3: When you finish twisting what will be the petals, adhere them in the center with a drop of hot glue, one on top of the other in opposition.

Step #4: To be able to make the pistils, the way to do it is very simple:

Take the rectangles and make them balls with the paper, and stick them in the center of the flower petals that you made previously.

Step #5: To finally make the bouquet, make various paper flowers and puncture them in the middle of each one with its respective stick; in the center of them.

For greater adhesion, put another drop of glue in the center again. Finally join the sticks and tie them with a small ribbon.

homemade paper flowers

2.- Another alternative to make a bouquet of crepe paper flowers

This alternative is a bit more elaborate:


  • 4 Sheets of crepe paper (they must be joined and thus be cut).
  • 1 pair of scissors.
  • Wire.
  • Green adhesive tape.
  • Party leaves.
  • red ribbon


Step 1:

Cut the petals out of the paper, some in the shape of a teardrop and others in a square shape (which you will fold to make triangles), so that each cut leaves a group of 4 petals.

These will be threaded onto the end of the wire, which must be covered and rolled with the green adhesive tape.

Step 2:

Successively add more petals until the flower is beautiful.

When you have enough tight, veils carefully separating until you create the shape of the flower.

Step 3:

Make several flowers to make a bushy bouquet, to which you will add green cotillion leaves at the base of the flowers.

Step 4:

Join the stems and tie them with the ribbon to form the bouquet. With this step you will have finished the elaboration of this beautiful rose.

how to make paper flowers

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