Lift your buttocks doing plank 3 times a week

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Lift your buttocks doing plank 3 times a week

Plank or The iron in its variations it also works the hamstrings of the legs, so you can tone the buttocks and also combat cellulite.

When executed correctly, the plank is a very complete exercise that works from the glutes to the shoulders. It serves to stabilize the spine and increase sports performance.

Plank to lift your buttocks

Mentioned below are some of the main types of planks specific to the gluteal area, legs, and lower back.

1. Front plank with elbow support on the upper plane

The exercise begins by lying face down with the middle area contracted, resting the elbows on a higher plane. This position should be maintained throughout the exercise. It is very important to keep your abdomen and buttocks well contracted to avoid injuries. You should not hold your breath, you have to breathe in and out constantly.

2. Side plank with supported elbow and one arm extended

Side plank with supported elbows

The body must maintain the line, the abdomen must be contracted and the arm that is above can be placed at the waist or extended above. “Take care that the hip does not “hang” and that the feet are one above the other, or one in front of the other,” recalls the personal trainer.

With this type of iron, you work the external and internal muscles of the abdomen, the gluteus maximus and the external vastus muscle are also involved.

3. Plank with elevated leg

Plank with elevated leg

To correctly execute the iron with raised leg, we must place ourselves face down, initially adopting the same posture as if we were going to do a normal iron. The palms of the hands and the feet, we must place them resting on the ground. Squeezing the abdomen strongly and trying to raise the hip.

4. Plank with bent leg

Plank with leg back and bent

To perform this exercise you must get in the position on all fours and keep your back parallel to the ground. Next, bend your right knee, lift your leg and point your foot up. Next, lift your right thigh, squeezing your glutes, pause, and then lower back to the starting position. Repeat the movement between 10 to 15 times.

You can do this complete exercise routine 3 times a week, the results can be seen in a short time, but you must be constant.

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