Lower blood pressure by pressing these points

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Lower blood pressure by pressing these points

Are you suffering from hypertension? And as if this were not enough, the increase in blood pressure is accompanied by a series of unpleasant symptoms: headache, dizziness, tinnitus, and then insomnia, decreased performance and emotional exhaustion.

To lower your blood pressure, you probably take antihypertensive drugs, or treat yourself with popular methods and use diets and other types of pressure-lowering plans, which is not bad.

However, on the other hand, Asian doctors say: “Adequate and regular acupressure will help those who want to prevent hypertension and those who have been suffering from it for more than a year.»

How this technique can help reduce blood pressure?

Acupressure is a fancy term referring to acupressure, during which the fingers gently and persistently act on certain biologically active points.

Until recently, the treatment and prevention of diseases through pressure on such points was considered only a method to eliminate symptoms, but today the opinions on acupressure have changed dramatically.

It has been scientifically proven that systematic acupressure helps not only with hypertension, migraines or insomnia, but is also an effective component of complex treatment of acute rhinitis and bronchitis, hypotension, and is even used as a method of treating potency problems in men.

How to perform acupressure?

Before the procedure, warm your hands well, eat (preferably 40 minutes before the session) and be sure to measure the pressure: if it is too high, do acupressure for no more than 15 minutes. With strict observance of the technique, after an acupressure session, you feel warmth and pleasant pains, which persist for 20-30 minutes.

First part

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With the pad of your thumb, find the place under the lower jaw on the left where you feel the pulsation of the carotid artery, press and hold for 10 seconds.

Then release your finger, inhale deeply, exhale, and press again. Repeat this procedure three times, and then do the same manipulation under the lower jaw on the right.

Second part

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Then press three times in the medulla oblongata area (the place where the back of the head passes into the neck), persistent for 10-15 seconds.

Third part

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With three fingers of the right and left hand, press simultaneously on the area located at the bottom of the neck, to the right and left of the spine. Again, he repeats the acupressure three times.

Fourth part

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Squeeze and stretch the middle finger of each hand for 15 seconds. Do it in sequence.

Fifth part

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On the inside of the hand, find a point below the little finger and press on it for one minute. Repeat for the other hand.

There are a lot of acupressure points, but it is enough to choose those zones, the point of impact on which it causes the maximum discomfort: the more unpleasant the procedure, the more effective the effect will be.

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