Makeup tips to take advantage of any eye shape

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Makeup tips to take advantage of any eye shape

The eyes are known worldwide as “the windows of the soul”, and as they say “a look says more than a thousand words”. Hence the importance of makeup working in favor of this faction to highlight them to the fullest and increase your beauty.

As we well know, the faces and personalities of each person are unique and require a special technique to be highlighted, the good news is that for each of the types of eyes there is an excellent option to make them look wonderful.

And it is that fortunately, since time immemorial there are people who have dedicated themselves professionally to the application of makeup and aesthetics, and it is these people who have developed the techniques that favor each type of eye and face, also combining different styles so that you can find the one that best suits your personality and the occasion you are going to attend.

Eye cosmetics exist in various varieties and presentations so that comfort is always present and you can create that sensational look while feeling comfortable and very comfortable.

Makeup tips to take advantage of any type of eyes

To help you in the mission of highlighting your eyes to the fullest and looking beautiful highlighting this faction, today we present you the makeup tips to take advantage of any type of eyes, so that you learn to do makeup yourself, from the comfort of your home and without the need to go to a beauty salon or need the attention of a professional. Let’s do it!

Small eyes:

If your eyes are small, the first thing you should keep in mind is that you should try create that larger effectremember that highlighted eyes are more striking.

So you should know that the rule of “less is more” in this case is more valid than ever, because resorting to applying amounts of makeup is really counterproductive because it will make your eye look much smaller.

The path that best suits you is to pass a very thin line of eyeliner on your upper eyelid and at the end it opens a little so that it gives the sensation of opening that you are looking for.


They are your fundamental allies when it comes to giving prominence to your eyes and giving you a flirty and very feminine appearance. Highlighting the eyelashes, even if you don’t apply any additional makeup, is really effective so that your eyes are the key point of your face.

So, what you will do is use this simple but very, very effective technique of combining the use of the eyelash curler and mascara, not one first and another later, but at the same time. The technique goes like this: Use the lash curler as usual, but instead of pressing and releasing, use it as a guide to run the mascara brush across your lashes.

In this way you will achieve an incredible and outstanding result, which will leave your eyelashes in their maximum splendor.

Large eyes

If you have big, almond-shaped eyes, what you should be clear about is that your fundamental mission is define and highlight the edges of the eyes so that their beautiful shape stands out much more and they take center stage.

Your best allies are the crayon and the eyeliner, which combine when putting on makeup. If you do not have much technique outlining your upper eyelid, mark a few points with the crayon as guides, as close as you can to the lash line, then just proceed to join with the tip of the eyeliner. Trace the lower eyelid with the crayon, this gives you greater comfort and durability.

Your eyebrows

These are essential in your face, since they frame your eyes and the shape of these determines the attitude that you will radiate wherever you go, for these factors it is essential that you pay attention to them when seeking an ideal eye makeup.

Take an eyebrow comb and comb them, remove the extra hairs and you can fill in any empty spaces with a little bit of crayon and voila, they will be beautiful and presentable.

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